• Conner Robinson
  • Jack Mangan: What do you want to do in the future?
  • Conner Robinson: I want to be a spinal surgeon
  • Jack Mangan: Any Reason Why?
  • Conner Robinson: I want to help people and i want to find a cure for paralysis and they make good money.
  • Jack Mangan: Alright so what would you want want to do if money was not a question, if money was not a worry to you. What would you want to do, what is your dream job.
  • Conner Robinson: I would still want to be a surgeon because i would like to help people
  • Jack Mangan: what makes you unique.
  • Conner Robinson: I'm short
  • Jack Mangan: Like a skill that makes you unique
  • Conner Robinson: I’m nice.
  • Jack mangan: what are you good at
  • Conner Robinson: I’m good at go-karting and soccer
  • Jack Mangan: how come you do not want to do that if you know how to do it already?
  • Conner Robinson: because that doesn't help anyone
  • Jack Mangan: do your parents know about your dreams?
  • Conner robinson: yes they do
  • Jack Mangan: do your teachers know your life dreams?
  • Conner Robinson: I believe so.

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