Who Made That Soccer Ball By zach hocker

Through out history, humans have always enjoyed kicking a ball or something like a ball. The American Indians used a elasticized ball. However rubber was not manufactured till thousands of years later. In 1862 H. J. Lindon was the first to develop one of the first inflatable rubber bladders for balls. Balls with rubber bladders allowed the ball to remain hard and oval. Soccer balls were made in mass production one the English Football League was founded in 1888.

By the 1900's bladders were made with stronger rubber and could handle more air pressure. Most of these balls had a tan leather cover with eighteen sections stitched together by hand. The balls were great for kicking however the heavy stitching made it painful to head the ball. By 1951 the first white soccer ball was used in order for spectators to see the ball better.

By the 1960's the first totally synthetic ball was produced. By late 1980's the synthetic ball completely replaced the leather ball. Today footballs are made from synthetic leather patches that are sewn together based on the 'Buckminster Ball' also known as the 'Buckyball.' It is named after an American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. It consists of 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal surfaces. When sewn together and inflated they make a near perfect sphere.

The first "official" FIFA (English version International Federation of Association Football) world cup soccer ball was the Adidas Telstar. This ball was used in the 1970 world cup in Mexico.

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