Elements of Cartoons Vocabulary

Exaggeration: changes in size or shape often add to the cartoon's point. Exaggerating or distorting an object means changing it in some way to make it look funny, ugly, etc.

STEREOTYPES: A stereotype is a simplistic view of some group. It is often insulting, but it can also help the cartoon make its point quickly.

Caricatures: Caricature is the portrayal of an individual's features in an exaggerated of distorted way.

Humor and Irony: Irony is one kind of humor. In it, a viewpoint is expressed in such an odd way to make that view actually seem rediculous. This cartoon is of the British forces acting childlike while getting ready for battle. Whose perspective was this written from?

CAPTIONS: Words are used to reinforce the cartoon's nonverbal features. Words help the other part of the cartoon make one overall point. Famous sayings, slogans, song lyrics, and well-known phrases can be used in captions.

SYMBOLISM: A symbol is any object or design that stands for some other thing, person, or idea. What are the symbols used in this cartoon?

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