St mary's newsletter Issue 3, Term 4

From the principal

With the year rapidly coming to a close I would like to thank our community for all their support. It has been a fantastic year at St Mary’s College and it is so hard to believe that we are almost at the conclusion.

As we head into the holiday period I would like to announce our staffing arrangements for 2020.

Firstly on primary our staffing for 2020 is:

We are so fortunate to have such a dynamic team on our primary campus who have so many talents. We have every confidence that our configuration for 2020 will successfully meet the needs of all our children next year. We are so pleased to be welcoming Jen Rudyard as a new Assistant Principal. She will join Keryn Moase and Janenell Kennedy as Assistant Principals on primary. John Killeen will join us as a classroom teacher who will replace Laura Merrick who is on leave in 2020. We also congratulate Cara Turner who takes on the role of Learning Enrichment Coordinator and Ellen Anderson and Beth Duplex who take on the roles of Inclusive Learning Coordinators for 2020.

To our Primary Campus we also look forward to welcoming Brigid Drummond, Geoff Clark and Latarney Johnson to our team.

In 2020 we have made some additional changes to our leadership structure. We will have three Deputy Principals across the campus.

These are: Deputy Principal Primary- Coby Rhatigan, Deputy Principal Curriculum- Lea Wilson and Deputy Principal Pastoral Care- Sarah Gardner. We welcome Sarah to our community. Sarah comes to us from St Norberts College in Perth.

To help consolidate our middle leadership on secondary we have also made the following changes;

We have combined the Year Coordinator and House Coordinator role. Under the guidance of our new DP Pastoral care they will led our pastoral care on secondary. We welcome the following to these new roles; Mark Ross coming from Mercy College as Head of Ward, Amy Meeuwissen returning from maternity leave as Head of Rice, Annalis Harbin coming from Mater Dei as Head of Barbier House and Mark Flanagan current staff member, Head of O’Brien House.

In 2020 we will have a new structure for Homeroom with a vertical system. There will be three home rooms in each House and students from 7-12. Siblings will be in the same homeroom. This helps foster a sense of belonging and House spirit. It also ensures Homeroom teachers have the opportunity to get to know families well.

To support our teaching and learning on secondary we will welcome new Heads of Learning Area. They are:

- Stephen Summers coming from Hailey Bury Rendall School in NT as HOLA - English and Humanities

- Erin Meckenstock coming from Mater Dei College as HOLA - Maths and Science

- Vicki Thompson- HOLA Arts and Technologies,

- Steven Gregory coming from Newman College – HOLA - Physical Education, Health and Sport

- Nik Martinskis will continue as HOLA - RE Ministry

- Diana Jans will continue as HOLA Learning Support

- Diane Popovich will join us from Balga Senior High School as HOLA- VET and Careers.

We look forward to welcoming all our new leaders next year.

We will also farewell some staff in 2019. On behalf of the community we wish them well in all their future endeavours and thank them for their contributions to St Mary’s College. We will farewell; Carla Hall, Bree Abbott, Cley and Angela Anderson, Louise Brown, Megan Osborn, Anton Schirripa.

Staff who have been on leave and are now continuing their new endeavours and officially leaving our St Mary’s community. We will farewell; Sam Baird, Val Birch, Julia Durack, Helen Capsalis, Robyn Dunnet, Din Hunter, Fran Wilson.

We also welcome Alida O’Brien who will join us as music teacher while Ms Robyn is on leave. Ms Tania McKenna is also coming on board in 2020 as our Music Specialist Coordinator. Miss Zoe Jess as a Secondary Teacher.

We also wish a number of staff the very best who will be taking leave in 2020: Laura Merrick, Mark Dellar, Robyn Christie, Aidan Mitchell, Rebecca Laird and Rebecca Famlonga. We hope you have a wonderful well deserved break and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2021.

To our families I hope you have an amazing holiday period with your children. I personally thank you all for your very warm welcome extended to my family and myself and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

Wishing all our community a safe, joyful and Holy Christmas.

Year 5P

On Friday 15th November the Year 5’s visited Nulungu Chapel for 5P’s class Mass. Father Alexis lead us in the Liturgy of the Eucharist as we celebrated how Christian continue to wonder at how they have been called to share in the special work of Jesus, through the Sacrament of Baptism. It was a lovely celebration followed by morning tea in the classroom.

Year 9 Cake Challenge

Year 4 Gospel assembly

Last Friday the Year 4 students participated in the Gospel Assembly. Through role play students identified that all families look very different but still all come together at Christmas time to celebrate with food, prayer, music, play and love. We finished our Gospel assembly off with a Christmas song.

year 8 visual art

Year 8 Visual Art students are learning about portraiture and drawing their favourite celebrities. Students have been examining different art periods to inform their final design. The young artists are Wesley Simpson, Dominic Bartlett, Astrid Hall, Luken Powers and Timmithy Rochford.

Students have been completing some fantastic work!

Miss Marie, Miss Tracy and Mr Ricky.

Our Mob Graduation

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours 2020 - Tuesday 28th January - Friday 31st January 8am - 4pm each day.

Pre Primary town trip

On a beautiful warm and sunny day in Broome, the Pre-Primary students went on a Broome adventure to understand all the things that they had learnt about in HASS. The Pre-Primary team boarded the bus and went off exploring the dinosaur footprints at Entrance Point, the pearl luggers at Willie Creek and a cool off at Town Beach with fish and chips. We had the most magical time.

toilet door facelift

Our SRC and Year 6 student leaders have been working hard to give our toilet doors a facelift and promote positive messages to our school community. They look absolutely fabulous! Thanks to Miss Josie for your guidance and vision.

year 10 camp

community notices