Perks of Being a Wallflower

By: Stephen Chbosky. Published Febuary 1st, 1999

Stephen Chbosky is an American novelist, screen writer, and film director.

The book takes place in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

The main character of this book is Charlie, the book is all letters that Charlie has written to his "friend". We dont know who the friend is. Charlie is a freshman in high school who has a very hard time making friends. He goes through rough times because his Aunt Helen and his best friend both passed away.

The other two main characters of the book are the two friends that Charlie finally made, Sam and Patrick. They are both seniors and they are step brother and sister. Sam is a sweet quiet girl, while Patrick is a little more outgoing.

Charlie is a really smart student, he never really made friends in any of middle school. Finally in highschool he meets Sam and Patrick, they invite him to hangout with their friends, when Charlie is with his friends he is okay however when he is not he goes into severe depression because of his aunt Helen who died, and also his bestfriend who had recently commit suicide. Charlie sees things about his aunt and cant get them out of his head, part way through the book Charlie even ends up in a mental hospital because it all comes back when his friends go to college, but he ends up being okay.

I like how this book is a bunch of letters because it is unique and different from other books, in each of the letters Charlie tells stories and tells his friend what had happened that day or that week. I do not like that sometimes when he starts a new letter you can get kind of confused.

Symbolism is used in this book. The term "wallflower" is used to describe Charlie. His first time hanging out with a big group of his new friends they were saying things like "welcome to the island of the misfit toys" and "Charlie is a wallflower." I think that they mean Charlie is different, he isn't very social.

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