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  • Testable question: Which liquid makes metal rust faster.
  • Hypothesis: We hypothesize that the orange juice will make the iron rust faster because it has more acid.
  • Materials: 4 plastic cups, Water, Sprite, orange juice, Dr. Pepper


  1. Get materials
  2. Pour soda into cups
  3. Put iron nails into cups
  4. Wait for 2 days
  5. Take nails out from the cups
  6. Record data and information

experiment and data

We first poured the 4 different drinks into the cups and all at once we dropped the nails into the cups. After 2 days we dumped the liquids out of the cups and we found that the water still rusted the most the Dr. Pepper rusted the nail a little bit though. The sprite made the nail smooth and shiny and the orange juice did not change the nail at all.

variables and constants

Variables: Dr.Pepper, Sprite, orange juice, Water

Constants: Amount of time, nails, cups

water is the winner


Our project was testing which liquid makes iron rust faster in different types of liquids. Based on testing we found that our hypothesis was incorrect water still made the iron rust faster then the other liquids. The liquids that we tested are orange juice, Dr.Pepper and Sprite. Water made iron rust faster because iron mixes with oxygen very easily and water has oxygen in it so it creates rust. Water in made from two different kinds of atoms two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.


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