Hi! I am Rianne from Every Nation Ministries. I am currently assigned in Iloilo as a Campus Missionary. We are assigned in the campuses to train students for LIFE (Leadership, Integrity, Faith & Excellence) We exist to honor God and make disciples.

Our heart is to win souls for Christ. We believe that the Gospel can change the life of a person who is committed to honor the Lord in everything. We are committed to train the next generation because they are the future of this nation.

We want to touch lives and be a witness to what God can do in the life of a student.

Since, our hearts belong to the next generation, these are some of the reasons why we need to reach out to them.

Every Nation Ministries is composed of three departments that aims to nation building and proclaiming the Gospel.

Here are the functions of the three departments of Every Nation Ministries. My work falls under Campus Ministry.

We want these things to happen in our nation but apparently, we lack workers to reach out to these students.

That is why, Every Nation created a system to involve people to be part of what we are doing in the ministry. God has called workers and senders to do the ministry of the Lord. I believe that the Lord wants you to a be a sender of His mission.

I am sharing this to you because I believe that you can be a vital partner in what I am doing in the lives of the students in Iloilo. I graduated BS in Computer Engineering. I had a lot of working experience and God has been God. God is good in every season. I believe that this is the season where I need to focus in ministering and training the next leaders of our country, the Philippines.

This is the policy drafted and created by the movement. We adhere to the highest form of accountability.

Thank you for taking time to read this short presentation. Please pray about it. I am looking forward to hear your response. Thank you and God bless.
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Rianne Prado

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