Battle of Kursk By Eddie Cardew & Ben Stanish

The Battle of Kursk

Largest tank battle in world history

Battle Map

Who participated in the battle?

What was so important about the Battle of Kursk?

After the defeat at Stalingrad, Hitler wanted to win a political and tactical victory against the Russian army. Hitler thought that if he could defeat the Russians at Kursk they would argue with the Allied Powers.

When did the Germans attack?

After the German defeat during the Battle of Britain, Hitler turned his offensive east towards Russia. The German's Blitzkrieg against Kursk started on July 5, 1943, but Germany could not keep their supply lines in repair which put them on the defensive.

Why was the battle important?

While many argue about this today, The Battle of Kursk is known as the turning point for the Allied Forces. If the Russians did not win at Kursk the entire eastern front would have been lost. The battle of Kursk also marks the first time the German army had to go on the defensive.

The Outcome

While both sides had many advantages in the battle, the Russian army won the battle based on their ability to out produce the Germans in arms, clothing, and automotive production. The Russians used the most mass produced tank in history the T-34 while the Germans used heavier tanks like the Tiger and Panther.

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