Innovative Media Averille Goh Qiaowen 0325198

I come from the land of Hornbills and have always been one with nature. I own seven pets because animals excite me more than food. I see myself contributing to society in the future by spreading joy and kindness in every way possible. In this module, I'd expect to acquire more skills from the many types of softwares so I'll be able to excel in the advertising industry in the future.

ASSIGNMENT 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Group Photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Prepare a write-up of not more than 1,000 words in relevant to the topic of anti-drug abuse

Exercise 3: Infographics

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile Application Name: Aok! Kuching

Aok! Kuching is created by a group of students from Kuching with the intention of attracting more visitors to their hometown as there aren’t many, especially from the west side, who have visited yet. When asked the reason why, the top reason is because that they aren’t familiar nor have heard of the places to go to. Another reason being they do not have any local friends who are able to bring around to show the best of places. Therefore, with this application we hope to provide a basic guide that is suitable for people of all ages to use about what to do in Kuching according to the youths living here.

1) Splash Screen
2) Login Screen
3) Login or Sign up
4) Home Page
5) Menu bar
6) Account bar
7) About us page
8) Cat City Map
9) Events page
10) Reviews
11) Profile Page
12) Where To Stay page
13) Things to Do
14) Where to Eat page
15) Beaches and Wildlife


art: (NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE ) Sago | (COMMUNITY INTEREST) For people who are looking to use fashion as a tool to paint their self-portrait | (OBJECTIVES) To reveal to society that everyone has the freedom to wear anything; To encourage people that they are who they are when they like what they are wearing | (VIDEO CONCEPT & IDEA) A collision between the perfect & imperfect ; Smooth & Static shots; Focusing on aesthetic styles with combinations of bold colours.




Storyboard ONE
Storyboard TWO
Storyboard Three



1) SAD

She is feeling sad after her bestfriend left to study abroad. She doesn't know when they'll meet again.

2) Confused

He is feeling confused about the mystery mind of a women. His girlfriend keeps giving mixed signals and he doesn't know how to please his girlfriend.

3) Angry

Her nickname is hot head. It can be seen through her favourite colour red. The spotlight is always on her for she has red hair, red eyebrows, red lips, black outfit with a choker and an eyebrow piercing to go with her personality. She gets mad ugly when she is angry.

4) Happy

What should have been a usual girl's night out might've just turned into love at first sight. Her heart is skipping with joy as he slowly approaches her. She gives off a little smirk while the energy surrounding her changes.

5) Working

Freezed in time while working on her assignment. Time goes by fast when you're busy.

6) Sleeping

Bedtime is her favourite time of the day. She is finally getting some sleep after days of insomnia. Every night she has a little companion who comes in for cuddles and to make sure she is okay. They slowly doze off with the moon shining bright from the window.


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