Southern Africa Pages 377-396

Landforms and Bodies of Water

  1. The region of SOuthern Africa consists of 10 southernmost countries on the African continent.
  2. The cape of food hope is considered the place where two oceans meet.
  3. the combined area of Comoros and Seychelles which is 1,800 square miles makes them even smaller than the state of Delaware.


A seiries of pleatues cover most of this reigon. in Algola the escarpment runs through

what type of landforms are common in south america?-

plleateus and mountains


tropical zone

1. The tropic of Capricorn crosses the middle of southern Africa. this places the northern half of the region in the tropics.

temperate zones

much of South Africa, Central Namibia, Eastern Botswana, and Southern Mozambique have temperate, or moderate, climates that are marked by extremes of temperature. annual rainfall varies from 8 inches in some areas to 24 inches in others.

Desert regions

Western south Africa, western Namibia, and much of Botswana are arid

why are temperatures in south Africa's tropical countries not hot?


Natural resources

what natural resources are found in southern Africa, and why are they important?

Platinum, chromium, gold, diamond, coal, iron ore, uranium, copper, and other minerals.

South Africa's resources

The republic of South Africa has some of the largest mineral reserves in the world. Platinum, chromium, gold, diamond, coal, iron ore, uranium, copper, and other minerals are it's most valuable items.

](_-Energy Resources-_)[

The republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique mine and burn coal from their own deposits of natural gas as well, as well as Angola. the region's rivers are another natural resource for providing power.

Minerals and other resources

1. Namibia is one of Africa's richest countries in mineral resources. 2. Gold is leading export for Zimbabwe. 3. Malawi's most natural resource is fertile soil.


Southern Africa is known for it's variety of animal life.

how does deforestation in the region affect the energy supply in the region?

Because the sediment that enters the river slows the water flow.

lesson 2 History of Southern Africa

Rise of kingdoms

Southern Africa's people have inhabited the region for thousands of years

great Zimbabwe

1. Around the year A.D 900, the Shona people built a wealthy and powerful kingdom in what is now Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 2. the capital was a city called great Zimbabwe.

The Mutapa empire

1. In the late 1400's, the Shona conquered the region between the Zambezi and Limpopo river from Zimbabwe to the coast of Mozambique. The Portuguese arrived and took over the coastal trade in 1500's.

Other Kingdoms

1. The zulu leader Shaka united his people in the early 1800's in order to form the Zulu empire in what is now South Africa. 2. A series of kingdoms rose and fell on the island of Madagascar

European Colonies

1. Around 1500, Portugal and other European countries began establishing settlements along the African coast.

Clashes in South Africa

1. During the 1600's till about the 1800's, Europeans set up trading posts but did not establish colonies, witch are large territories with settlers from a home country.

The union of South Africa

1. Wars in Europe gave Britain control of the cape colony in the 1800's.

Colonialism in other areas

1. While the British and boers for South Africa, other European countries cometed for the rest of Africa.

“Which European country claimed the most territory in Southern Africa in the 1800's?”

Britain gained the most territory

independence and equal rights

1. French rule in Madagascar ended in 1960, making it the first Southern African country to gain independence.

the end of Portuguese rule

While other European nations give up their African colonies, Portugal refused to do so.

The birth of Zimbabwe

After granting Malawi and Zambia independence, Britain prepared to free Zimbabwe.

Equal rights in South Africa

After independence, the growth of South Africa's mining and other industries depended on the labor of black Africans, who greatly outnumber the countrie's whites


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