Agriculture Project Austin kaiser-joly hour 5

The first agricultural revolution was 11,000 years ago. It was when we first started to domesticate animals. The first crop in the world was wheat. The first crop in America was corn. It changed the way that humans get food because it started farming. Farming is how we now get most of our food. Before farming, humans got food by hunting and moving around while hunting.

This is the first crop ever, called wheat.

Second agriculture revolution

This changed farming by being able to till fields easier

The second agriculture revolution was in west europe. It was about industrializing. New machines were being made. It made farming easier, becuase it required less work. It was from 1700 to 1900.

Third agriculture revolution

This is a big combine, which makes harvesting plants way faster than before.

It was started in late 1900 and is still going on today.1900-present. It involves gas and diesel farm machines. Now use chemicals to help the crops and protect from animals ruining crops. Genitaclly Modified Organisms (GMO) are foods that are modified and have DNA from a different animal. Less chemicals are needed for GMO. Cons are that it could taste bad and it could be bad for you.


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