SAP Vulnerability Scanning as a Service Our simple monthly subscription will continuously scan your SAP landscape for any vulnerabilities and risks within your application, database and operating system. SCROLL DOWN TO FIND OUT MORE

SAP Systems contain many vulnerabilities, essentially open doors that allow unintended access to your data and systems. These open doors leave you at risk of cyberattack, business exploitation, and data theft. In fact, the number of open doors within a typical production SAP system can easily be tens, or sometimes hundreds, some of which will date back to your initial implementation.
New doors in SAP are being opened, or being discovered to be open, every week either because of local changes to your environment, such as adding new connections, users, or interfaces, or because of new vulnerabilities being discovered which require urgent patching.
Continuous scanning of SAP security vulnerabilities cannot be performed without a tool. Unfortunately, even those companies that have already invested in an SAP vulnerability scanning tool are rarely using it effectively, largely because of a lack of resources, or perhaps it is expected to be done by their Application Service Provider? (Have you checked when they last did a full vulnerability scan? 🤔)
Companies that have no vulnerability scanning tools in place are literally relying on a wing and a prayer that they have not yet had their systems or data breached.

Introducing Grey Monarch's

Protect4S SAP Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

Our new monthly subscription model combines Protect4S (the World's leading SAP vulnerability scanning software) with Grey Monarch services to provide continuous checks for all known SAP vulnerabilities.

We will provide a monthly high level heat map of any risks discovered, along with a risk severity rating, and the mitigation effort required to remediate the vulnerability.

You will also receive detailed instructions of how each risk should be mitigated.

As an additional service, we can perform the remediation for you via a mixture of automated SAP patching (applying Security Notes) plus any manual steps that may be required.

You will also receive ongoing Risk History Data so that you can easily view the progress being made of closing down vulnerabilities...

...plus a completely automated and dynamic System Connection Map showing all system connections along with any risks identified within those connections - such as accounts that can hop from non-prod systems to production systems...

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