Jupiter and Neptune By Madison




They are similar in size and material compostition

Both have rings

Both are also known as gas giants

Jupiter the gas giant

Both made from hydrogen and helium


One is farther away from the sun than the other

Different climates

Different colors

One has more moons than the other


Created with images by skeeze - "montage planets jupiter" • European Southern Observatory - "Artist’s impression of a galaxy accreting material from its surroundings" • skeeze - "spiral planetary nebula nebula universe" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hubble Captures Rare Triple-Moon Conjunction" • NASA Hubble - "NASA’s Hubble Telescope Makes First Atmospheric Study of Earth-Sized Exoplanets" • WikiImages - "sun fireball solar flare" • Lunar and Planetary Institute - "Europa and Enceladus" • Lunar and Planetary Institute - "Triton and the Earth's Moon"

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