Touching Spirit Bear By: Andrew Gadd

Meaning of the Spirit Bear? The Spirit Bear is a symbol of pride, dignity, honor, Cole's anger, and becoming a part of the bigger circle. This means many different things, it allows Cole to forgive become a better person by having all the qualities such as pride, dignity, and honor. The spirit bear also helps Cole release his anger. In the Novel, Touching Spirit Bear, the book states, "Slowly, Cole let go of his ancestors and allowed the stone to become his anger. He knew that he had to quit blaming others, including his father, for his problems. As long as blame still existed, so would his anger"(Mikaelsen, 198).
During this book Cole says you have to become invisible to be able to see the Spirit Bear, but what does this actually mean? In the book, Touching Spirit Bear, it states, “Being invisible had nothing to do with being seen. Being invisible meant not being sensed or felt.” (226).This means being able to be invisible in mind, by not still having grudges or anything and just having your mind clear.Another quote from Touching Spirit Bear states, "This morning, when we forgave each other, we also forgave ourselves…We allowed ourselves to become a part of the big circle. That’s why we saw the Spirit Bear.” (286). Which means that after you let go of everything bothering you and forgive the person who hurt you, you can see the Spirit Bear.
Therefore all this information and evidence explains that the meaning of The Touching Spirit Bear is that after you can let go of grudges and forgive others you can become invisible and see the Spirit Bear or become a better person.


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