Passion & Hardwork By: Jesus rodriguez

As a young child growing up, I built a passion for soccer. When I was ten, my older brother, Carlos, gave me a book to read. It is called “Body Mind Mastery”. In Dan Millman’s book “Body Mind Mastery”(1999), the author Dan uses his previous experience in gymnastic to convey how he acquired his personal growth and spiritual discovery. His purpose is to show his success through sports so that we can apply his same philosophy to achieve success in all areas in life. I agree with his statement of hard work and passion leads to success. This is the key to ensure a rich successful life.

This picture conveys a simple equation for success, which is passion plus hard work equals success. This is the key to ensure the path to success. If you want to achieve success, then you should have a plan that you are passionate about.
Not only is the book “Body Mind Mastery” the experience of the former world champion athlete for gymnastics, Dan Millman wrote this book to be an instruction aid to lead to the path of success. There are three parts to his book which explains how achieved greatness. The three parts are understanding the larger game, developing talent, and body mind mastery in action. These instructional aid will lead to the path of success.
This visionary J.J. Abrams has a couple of pages in the SUCCESS magazine. He talks about how he kept on pushing his creative side on screen writing and as a director. He is known for directing films like Star Trek, Star Wars VII, and Lost,etc.
A young soccer star was born February 5, 1985. Growing up poor in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo was quickly recognized for his skills and talent. His parents invested in his starting soccer career. After his daily routine of chores and job to help his parents out, he then dedicated his time to soccer. He then just built this beloved passion for this sport that got him recruited by Manchester United for 12 million pounds. He lead this team to three premier title victories.Then later was bought for 80 million pounds by Real Madrid. Making him the most expensive player at the time. Finding your true passion leads you to success.

This path is not easy. If you want to take the easy way out, then it would not lead to success. There will be obstacles that will block this path but the real challenge is how you overcome it. If you overcome this challenge, then you will definitely find it easier to grasp success.

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Jesus Rodriguez

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