Southampton, London on April 9, 1912

Hi, I'm George Williams and I'm 11 years old. Tomorrow I will be going on holiday to see my Uncle Bob. I'm one giddy kipper because I'm going on a fancy ship called the Titanic. It is the first unsinkable ship, hince it's name ''THE UNSINKABLE'' which makes it quite smashing. Before we get into all of that, I'll tell you about me and my family. There's four of us including my Moggy in my family. My Moggie's name is apple's because he love's climbing apple tree's.

Moggy in Apple Tree

My little sister Maggie is 3 years old and she love's to play outside. My Mum is one of the best Mum's there can ever be and same with my Dad. Now here I am packing for my fortnight in America. Dad says that I need to check and make sure that I have everything before I get to watch the idiot box tonight. Lets see, I got my jumpers in case it's monkey's outside. I grabbed my trainers for playing football and made sure to pack my ball just in case. I also need to make sure I'm dressed up for the dogs dinner when we eat at the Dining Saloon. I heard it was blinding in the saloon. Mum also said that we will get to ride the coach with the founders of Macy's.

Macy's balloon

''Now go have a chin-wag with your mate before we leave tomorrow.'' Mum said.

I thought wow, that is a brilliant idea, so I hurried down the street to my good mate Mikey Smith. After a good 30 minute of chin-wag, I started heading to my house and when I got home there was a blinding meal of bangers and mash waiting on me. The whole family sat down and had there last dinner in Southampton, London.

banger's and mash

"Well goodness, I'm Knackered! Off to Bedfordshire I go.'' I said.

Southampton, London on April 10, 1912

When I woke up I got dressed in a nice jumper. We woke up and ate breakfast. Breakfast was just chips, a sandwich, and a biscuit. Boy did I murdered all of that. After breakfast, I sat waiting at the door and anticipating all the amazing thing's that mum told me about. I thought about how spawny I am to ride the Titanic.


British Word US meaning

Jumper: sweater

Banger's: sausage

Mum: Mom

Football: soccer

Trainer :Tennis Shoe

Chips: French Fries

Coach: Bus

Biscuit :Cookie

Brilliant: Great

Dogs Dinner : dressed nicely

Mate:Friend, Buddy, Pal

I'm off to Bedfordshire: Going to bed

Blinding :Excellent or great

Fortnight: a period of two weeks

Monkey's: Cold Weather

Holiday :Vacation

Idiot Box :Television Set

Spawny: Lucky

Chin-Wag: A brief conversation or chat

Giddy Kipper: An overly excitable person

Knackered :exhausted

Moggy: Cat

Smashing: Brilliant, wonderful

Murder: Devoured


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