Art by Chana NOT DIGITAL

“When I paint I think of colors and shapes. I think of events and ideas that run through my mind, usually very abstract, and translate into a painting".

Shapes and Colors #1, Acrylic on Paper & Oil Pastels

"I use multiple panels most of the time.....traveling between worlds".

Flying Kites, Acrylic on Canvas, 3 Panels

"I walk on the beach with my dog in the Palisades, and the view translates into a painting when I get to my studio. The paintings in the show are a collection of work that started 16 years ago. The paintings with the silhouettes and picket fences represent for me my past, my heritage. I grew up in Israel, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, and this impacted me throughout my artistic life and my daily being. I always think about the family that I never got to meet, and my parents who went through hell to survive. I painted with darker colors, and used the silhouettes and fences to describe my emotions. As I moved on in life I moved on with my art. I started to change colors; the new colors representing hope and survival. Hope for a better life, hope for peace in the world. The silhouettes always come back into my life....I guess no matter what I will never forget my heritage."

Palisades View, Acrylic on Wood, 4 panels

Exploring Shapes, Colors & Movement.

Portrait, Oil on Canvas
Portrait#2 , Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas
Blues#2, Oil on Canvas
Picket Fences #9, Oil on Canvas

Acrylic on Paper, Picket Fences, Shadows,

Still life with gold Fish, Acrylic on Paper
Vered Hagalil, Acrylic on Canvas
Picket Fences #4, Acrylic on Canvas
Objects, Acrylic on Paper
Blue, Acrylic on Paper
Picket Fences#8, Acrylic on Canvas
Window#1, Acrylic on Paper
Window#2, Acrylic on Paper
Broken Dreams, Acrylic on Canvas, 3 panels
PCH, Oil on Canvas, 3 Panels
Portrait#3, Oil on Canvas, 3 Panels
Windows, Acrylic on Canvas
Doors, Acrylic on Canvas, 2 Panels

Still Life & Coffee

Fruit, Acrylic on Canvas
Fun with colors, Still Life and Coffee Cups
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Created By
Chana Messer


Art created by Chana Messer. Photography Chana Messer

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