The Car Crash by: saylor hinthorn

At the beginning of my dream, I was at Bowie with a group of people that I did not recognize. It was night time and I guess it was a sort of a student party. The only person I knew was a boy that I had in my sophomore history class. Bowie was also located in Phoenix, AZ, my home town. At the party, I was very focused on making sure I was having fun, and I was laughing a lot.

Then, the boy that I knew came up to me and told me that he has to take me somewhere important. He was very serious, and did not want to deal with me being loud. I kept laughing but followed him to his car (a very nice sports car) and asked him why he was being so serious. He just kept looking forward saying " this is very serious, you need to stop". I did not understand why he was being so serious.

All of a sudden we turned a corner and I remember seeing palm trees (common in AZ). We pulled up to a bad car accident under an overpass. I recognized the car because it was my mom's black Audi. I begun freaking out and the boy told me that my mom and step-dad had gotten into a car accident.

I got into a cop car and my mom was in the back. We were both crying when the cop in the front said "he didn't make it". After all of this I woke up panting and tried to forget about the dream but when I fell back asleep I was back in the cop car. My mom began blaming herself for the accident, and I couldn't stop crying telling her everything was okay. I woke up again and stayed up because I was so afraid.


  1. Laughing and not being serious about things: I am very stressed in real life so in my dream I was laughing at nothing to mask my stress. I was forcing myself to enjoy life
  2. Fast sports car: I am moving so quickly through life. It seems like I am growing up and maturing too fast right now.
  3. Car accident involving my parents: I have not been spending as much time at home as I used to because of work and I do a lot more social activities than I used to.
  4. Palm trees and Arizona: Seeing my home town could represent reconnecting with my roots in a way. My brain was telling me I need to refocus on home, and my family.

Dream Meaning

By analyzing the cognitive perspective of my dream, I think that my dream was telling me I need to focus on my family some more. Soon enough I will be out of the house and will see my parents less, so while I am living at home I need to make sure I am spending time with them. I also need to remember that I am still young, and even though I am growing up and maturing, I need to stay connected to my roots. The image of my parents getting in a car accident was meant to scare me so that I remember that anything can happen to those that you love and I should not take them for granted.

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Saylor Hinthorn

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