Good Life Tour Of The Harn Amanda Nuccitelli

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This art piece was very different than most I've seen. This art piece was a film, which is an uncommon medium of expressing art. The art piece is called Semiotics In The Kitchen by Martha Rosler. Unlike most art pieces this one really moved me because it was during a feminists movement. Rosler was imitating Julia Child style of cooking programs. She went through the alphabet from A to Z showing kitchen utensils angrily. By doing this she was expressing women's frustration suffered by women in oppressive roles. The way this was presented really caught my attention. It was on a projector in a little dark room with no sound. The black and white video made it even more powerful knowing the time it was from. Seeing the video in a dark room made it so much more powerful and allowed me to understand it better. The video felt very intense as u see Rosler get more and more angry through the video. It shows how passionate she was at the time during the feminist movement.

Design of the Museum

My favorite wing of the museum was the Korean Wing. I loved how parts of he wing were very well lit and other parts were dimmer. The placed the Buddha in the middle of the wing, which I really enjoyed. It was like the Buddha was the central art piece and all the others surrounding it were little things that had to do with the Buddha. Something I found interesting was the theme the wing had. It was full of "collective treasures". The x ray of the Buddha was by far the most eye catching part of the whole wing. In the x rays it looks like there is a person living inside of the Buddha I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I loved the way this exhibit was set up. By having the Buddha in the the middle and having collective treasures surrounding it made it very unique. Also considering the x ray of the Buddha was one of the highlights of the museum itself. This exhibit made me feel very spiritual and at ease. It was very calming with all the gold and dimmed lights. The Buddha also gives off very peaceful vibes.

Art and Core Vaules

The sculpture that stuck out to me was the Zandvoort. Zandvoort was created by the artist named Frank Stella. His art work is meant to give off an adrenaline rush while looking like fast turns of a race track. It is an abstract sculpture with vibrant colors. There are many layers to this piece of art. Whether it be the abstract shapes all laid on top of each other to create this art piece or the different patterns portrayed on each shape makes it very unique. Seeing this piece in person made me feel all warm and tingly inside. It made me want to jump around and dance. As you can see in the picture I got a little goofy with it, but that wasn't the intended feeling Stella wanted his viewers to feel. He wanted them to feel intense and get a race car feeling. I love the use of bright happy colors all put together in a pattern but with no order. It gives off very pleasurable, loose and stress free vibe. I really enjoyed this art work because I felt like it related to me because I'm an easy going fun girl. The core value the art piece appeals to is my happy self. It reminds me that life is always better when going in with a good attitude. Also to not get upset by getting caught up in the little things in life. It helps me believe in that a pleasurable fulfilling life is a happy one.

Art and the Good Life

This work of art originally caught my eye because usually children are only photographed when they have a smile on there face. Rineke Dijkstra's intentions for this photograph were not to show a sad and upset child, but shows identity formation. Usually Dijkstra's subjects are captured during transitional moments in their life. Things where we are most vulnerable like infancy or adolescence. In her adolescence pictures she focuses on the individuals identity and social image. This relates to the Good Life because of social images and how we make our selves appear. In this picture the girl is an adolescent. This is a time where people start to be impacted by the social media and see things as "normal". The good life theme is "Embodying the Good Life" because this picture focuses on social image and how at this age she is the most vulnerable to all the social normality's. It adds to my understanding by capturing the moment before she becomes influenced by society and seeing how innocent she is.

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