Mesoamerica ZApotec and olmec

The Olmecs came about around the time, 1200 b.c, they were located on the gulf of mexico which in now known as Veracruz and Tabasco. They had a ver hot and humid with tons of swamps and jungles that made travel, slightly difficult. Although the terrain was poor, they had multiple salt and tar deposits.

They were believed to have influence religion heavily in their civilization because archaeologists have found temples, courtyards and even sculpted heads and monuments that represent different things involved in their civilization. They also encouraged trade and commerce because it helped their civilization grow. Most of their jobs were evolved around building, one job was moving large objects across large lands.


-Advanced society developing in the southwest.

-In modern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

-Had traces of Olmec influence but built their own unique civilization.

-Rugged terrain of mountains and valleys.

-Fertile soil, mild climate and enough rainfall to support agriculture.

-San Jose Mogote was a village that emerged as the main power.

-Temples, stone platforms, and worked on monumental structures.

-On a mountain, the city of Monte Alban was build and was the first major urban center.

-City prospered and grew over centuries passed.

-Center of city was a plaza paved w stones.

-Palaces and monuments surrounded the plaza.


-People made their homes in the Oaxaca because of fertile soil, mild climate and good rainfall.

-Monte Alban population in 200 BC reached 15,000.

-Monte Alban population peaked at 25,000.

-Women had considerable political power.

-Most people are peasant farmers.


-Binded religion and politics for a theocracy.

-They had a king.

-At around 1000 BC central power emerged at San Jose Mogote.

-At 500 BC the main urban center was at at Monte Alban.


-Had Olmec influence.

-Great agriculture in the valleys because of climate/weather.


-Built monuments, stone platforms and temples.

-Had their own language.

-Had their own alphabet of hieroglyphics.

-Tone language, words can be determined by voice tone



-Peasant farmers practiced a mixture of subsistence and cash agriculture with some animal husbandry.

-Maize, maguey coffee, and garbanzo beans can be sold as cash crop

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