Magical Rock Defense by adrianna watkins

Ares is the god of war, the physical and violent part, his parents are Zeus and Hera. The Magical rock defense is a karate business, but it's always about of attacking, no battle stances, or trying to trick the enemy, just plan force.

Zeus and Hera will not be working at Magical rock defense because Ares is referred as 'most hated of all god' declared by Zeus.
Aphrodite would be the cfo of the company, while Phobos(left),Deimos,(right) and along with Meleagros,Diomedes are all instructors, and his other son Kynos will not be working either as he was killed challenging Hercules.
Including his two daughters Penthesilea (Top left) and Hippolyta (top right) while Harmonia won't be able to work here because she got turned into a snake, and his son, The dragon of Thebes will protect the place while they train.

Ares symbols include spear, helmet, chariot, dog, boar, vulture, and flaming torch, while his scared animals are the dog, boar, and vulture. He does not have a scared plant, and he is the patron god of Sparta,they would make sacrifices to him before heading into war.

Ares named his karate business because of an experience he had. It goes like this the Macedonians were trying to conquer Greek city-states, and Ares also kept his eye on that city because there was many fights there, and he did not want to miss the battle and while Ares was being happy and excited over the bloodshed, Athena picked up a rock and threw it as hard as she could and knocked out Ares cold, so when he awoke the battle was over and he never knew Athena ever threw the rock at him. And then a rumor started about Ares getting knocked out by a magical rock! Then two young brothers decide to trap Ares in a huge vase, and after that the brothers lived a peaceful life until Hermes (Ares’s brother) rescued Ares but Ares never said thank you, but after that Ares never came back to that field because of the 'magical rocks'.

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