Where Trees are Planted to Grow, There is Life and Legacy (Scroll to Read)

Six thousand magnolia, holly, redbud and Chickasaw Plum trees adorn properties in Palm Coast because residents and their City have teamed to make this community beautiful.

For 12 years, the City of Palm Coast has been distributing 500 free trees per year to residents at the annual Arbor Day event.

That’s thousands of grand structures around our town impacting our quality of life and the legacy that we want to leave for future generations. Our trees hold us rooted in nature.

If you ask Melissa Chipps about the trees on her property, she’ll tell you how much she loves looking out at the serenity in her yard. She’s nurtured eight trees she’s received at Arbor Day events and she says she’s so pleased to live in a City that works hard to connect neighborhoods with beautifying and preserving nature.

“I’ve lived in 13 different states and I found my perfect paradise right here in the C section in Palm Coast,” she says.

Joanne Johnson concurs. Magnolia and holly trees from Arbor Day grow strong in her Quail Hollow yard. And she’s donated other trees to various organizations and parks around the area.

“What’s better than having a free new tree?” she observes. “It’s such a smart thing for the City to do: to enhance our homes while helping us save some money on plants on our properties.”

Both Melissa and Joanne entered their trees in a City contest that recognized homeowners who’ve supported Arbor Day. Categories included Tallest by Species (Joanne won first place) and Overall Appearance.

The City’s Arbor Day event has expanded over the years to include not only tree giveaways, but also green exhibits, butterfly release, 5K Root Run, paper shredding and food donations. Free trees are also being distributed each January at a Christmas Tree Recycling Event.

Because so many of us in Palm Coast are rooted in nature, thousands of trees line the streets, parks and public buildings, vintage greenery that we will never take for granted. With our gift of a tree every year at Arbor Day, residents will always have a place to sit and contemplate the world and roots will have a place to grow.

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