Father Kevin A. Cook Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Kevin A. Cook | Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Seekonk, MA

Submitted by: Andrew McLaughlin

When my wife's uncle John Mazgay contracted COVID-19, and was given a terminal diagnosis, I called another priest I knew (Father Matt Conley) to ask if he knew anyone who would give Jack the sacraments. At the time many nursing homes were unwilling to even admit a priest to provide the Last Rites to a dying individual. Father Conley made a call and got Father Cook, who had never even met Jack to drive two hours to anoint Jack.

Father Cook drove the two hours and was able to provide Jack with the Sacraments. Jack died the next day having been properly anointed. It was also of great consolation to his family.

Yes, he is a priests' priest, he put himself in harms way to administer the sacraments.

If we had more priests like Father Cook the seminaries would be full. He is a good holy man.