Bodensee-Königssee Radweg Berchtesgaden, bavaria (DAY 7)

We made up for yesterday’s easy ride with a more challenging ride today. We covered 70km and close to 1000m of climbing on very mixed terrain including some hairy road riding. With the accumulation of kilometres and the number of hours in the saddle, most of our bodies are starting to feel a little weary, but no one is complaining and the experience and scenery surpass anything that the body might be saying otherwise!

Whilst our total ride will be close to 500km (I’ll hopefully provide all the useful statistics after we finish from our budding team statistician, Mike) spare a thought for one of our cycling buddies back home who is about to attempt the Perth - Albany - Perth ride. Just a leisurely 1200km in less than 90hrs! (If I’m correct) - Good luck Charles!

We have just fnished our ride today 2km short of the official finishing point but plan to complete tomorrow and then on to Salzburg to finish our cycling adventure across Bavaria.

We got off to a great start (not) with our host/waiter with a mix up with the afternoon drinks order and things really didn’t improve into the evening meal, suffice to say, he didn’t receive any tips that night!

Overall we have found Germans to be very friendly and accommodating, exceeding our expectations. Of course you come across the odd unhelpful German, but hey, they are only human and there are plenty of cranky pants back home!

Another early morning view from yet another Hotel window
Navigating around more roadworks
Photo by Mike Hoy
Created By
Stephen Mathieson

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