Animal rights In India

In Hinduism and Buddhism, some animals have a more "spiritual" essence than others, which makes the rights of animals in India very important. Hinduism and Buddhism have given us today a great message on not just the spiritual greatness of animals, but also the physical rights and rules that animals have that people have to respect. The rights of animals in India came from the fact that eating certain animals or hurting them could result in a serious federal offense.

There are an immense amount of principles that people have to follow for the respect of an animal. Corresponding to the photo above of the dog, there is even rights to domestic animals. For example, leaving any animal that you own can result in going to prison for up to three months. Then for other animals like ones you might see in the streets or that graze, no animal including chickens can be slaughtered out side of a slaughter house. Animals that are about to give birth or that are sick can't be slaughtered. Animal sacrifice is illegal. The organization of animal fighting is a great offense. These are only some of the basic rules of animal rights in India.

There was an incident on August 27, 2016 where a incoming train killed 3 elephants. Two females and a calf were walking across the railway tracks near Bishnupur in the state's Bankura district. The train took a long time to get repaired from the damages. Elephants often die because of natural causes, electrocution, poaching, and poisoning by farmers to prevent them from damaging crops. Elephants play a very important role in India worship. While elephants are worshipped by many in India, shrinking habitat has led to increased conflict with people and the deaths of many of the protected animals.

In Hinduism, elephants and other animals a have a huge impact on the religion and they have to have certain rights in order to be maintained and worshipepeds like the fact that you can't eat them. They are very important to the culture of India and have a great and necessary role in the forms of many gods/ deities. Why were these animals chosen to be the important figure instead of others.

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