ASDC Impact Report: 2019 How your support has made a difference

Since 1967, the American Society of Deaf Children has been helping deaf children learn, thrive, and succeed. In 2019, your support has led to significant expansion, allowing us to reach and serve more families. As you scroll down, you'll see highlights of our unprecedented growth in membership, revenue, resources, and programming.


In July, ASDC welcomed a new board president, Alisha Joslyn-Swob, a deaf mother of two boys, Bryson and Lawson, who are also deaf.


In 2019, we hired five deaf interns from RIT/NTID who gained valuable experience with our marketing team. Your support made it possible for us to pay our interns. Together they worked a total of 631 hours and earned more than $4,000. We are giving these sharp students strong references as they move into the work force.


Your donations increased our outreach to families with deaf children. With our annual memberships at just $35 per family, our membership grew from 95 in 2018 to 428 in 2019 - a 351% increase!

Programs: ASL Weekends

Our ASL Weekends brought families from around the country together for two days of professional ASL instruction. In 2019, your donations helped us triple our ASL Weekends from 2018. We provided 3,276 hours of instruction to 234 parents, grandparents, siblings, students, teachers, and professionals. And your donations allowed us to award $21,690 in scholarships so those in need could attend!

“I feel more confident in my ability to communicate with my 7 month old deaf daughter. ASL Weekend was a huge blessing!” – Dana

Programs: SignOn

In 2019, your support helped launch SignOn with ASDC, so our members can practice signing online with a Deaf Ambassador. We provided 358 free 30-minute sessions to 147 member families!

“THIS PROGRAM WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I learned so much. I can be confident as I get more involved with the Deaf community.”

2019 Conference

232 ASDC families met in Delaware for the ASDC Conference. Highlighted speakers include Dr. Michella Maiorana-Basas, Rachel and Mick Posner from A&E's Deaf Out Loud, and Peter Cook and Keith Wann, who presented a two-day ASL storytelling workshop. Your donations made it possible for us to award $3,300 in scholarships to ASDC members.


In 2019 the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) sponsored the #Wheels4ASDC campaign where two Deaf cyclists made their way across the entire country, speaking with students and and raising funds for SignOn with ASDC. Thank you to those who supported Conrad Baer and Albert Blake in this epic campaign!

4,292 miles. 10 states. 60 days. $25,700 plus. ZERO flat tires on the road. One mission accomplished. -Albert Blake


Your support allows us to create valuable resources for parents and teachers of deaf and hard of hearing children. In 2019, we created:

Keeping in Touch

Your support helps us reach more families online and share important resources and information.

Facebook +23%

Twitter +27%

Email list +33%


2017 - $36,836

2018 - $87,981

2019 - $190,572

Funds Spent on Programs for Families

2017 - $45,481

2018 - $60,845

2019 - $148,244

Let's Grow in 2020

You make our work possible! In 2019, 432 individuals donated to ASDC. Through your generous financial support you are giving the gift of American Sign Language and opening the doors to communication and connection for deaf children across the country. If you haven't yet become a supporter, click below to join or donate!