Spider monkey By;Kendyll

The spider monkey is a mammal found in the rainforest. The spider monkey can range in color. They can be black, gold, brown, and gray. Their tail can be 28-34 inches long. They have very skinny arms and legs. Spider monkeys weigh up to 13 pounds when fully grown. The female spider monkeys are usually the alpha in a pod. The male spider monkey has glands on their chest that makes a smelly liquid.

The spider monkey is an herbivore. Herbivores eat only plants. Spider monkeys eat ripe fruit, flowers, bark, leaves, roots, honey, bird’s eggs and insects. Some spider monkeys drink the nectar out of a flower. Spider monkeys are found in North, Central, and South America. Spider monkeys survive in the rainforest by living in the canopy of the forest where there are a lot of fruits and seeds available and not many predators can reach them.

Some spider monkeys live on their own. Sometimes they live with others. Spider monkeys have long tails because they swing branch to branch to branch in the trees. They do this to avoid predators and will find food in the trees.

The spider monkeys enemies include Bengal tigers, jaguars, snakes, hyenas, gray wolves, leopards, crocodiles, and alligators. Spider monkeys have brown fur to blend in with their surroundings. They also have a strong tail that helps them get away fast.

Spider monkeys are named that way because they hang from trees and hold branches with their limbs and long tails, which makes them shaped like spiders. One of the top most endangered species is the Black Spider Monkey. Female spider monkeys give birth to one baby every 1-5 years. When spider monkeys sense a predator, they will make barking sounds to deter them.

Spider monkeys are very interesting creatures. They are an important part of the rainforest and an important part of our world.


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