Ocean Tides By: Brayden, Gavin, and Cooper



Tides - are daily movements of the ocean water that changes the level of of the oceans surface

Tidal range- is the difference between levels of ocean water at high tide and low tide

Spring tides- tides with maximum daily tidal range that ocurrs during the new and full moons

Neap Tides- are tides with minimum daily tidal range that occur during the first and the third quarters of the moon.

Tidal bore- is a body of water that rushes up through a narrow bay, estuary or river channel during the rise of high tides, causing a very sudden tidal rise

lure of the moon

The start of the relationship between the moon and the tides started 2000 years ago and was discovered by a Greek explorer Pythias. a full explanation was given in 1687.

High tides and low tides depend mostly on the moon and where it is located at that time. The moons pull is strongest on the part of the earth directly facing the moon. When this happens to be a portion of the ocean, The water bulges toward the moon. At the same time on the other side of the earth bulges due to the motion of the earths and the moon around each other.

The tides also can actually occur on land like Oklahoma and the tides occur on both sides it could have it on north and south . Then moon moves like this if it is in a spot on Monday at 11:00, the next day the at 11:50 the moon moves slightly to the right. There will be one picture under this.

Tides and topography

In the pictures below it shows that the greatest tidal range in the world. On one day there will be no water but on the very next day when it is high tides there will be tons of water, like in the picture below.

Tidal variations

The spring tides are when the sun, earth, and moon are in the aliment that means there would be maximum tidal range on the earth and spring tides occur every 14 days.

The neap tides are when the earth and moon form a 90 degree angle that means it will have minimum tidal range and it occurs during the first and third quarters of the moon

During spring tides, the gravitational forces of the sun and moon pull on the earth either from the same direction or from from the opposite directions

During neap tides, the sun and moon are at right angles with respect of the earth . This arrangement minimizes

The wave in this picture was created by a tidal bore. A tidal bore is a body of water that rushes up through a narrow bay, estuary or a river channel during the rise of high tide, causing a very sudden tidal rise


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