Little Rock 9 and Segregation in Schools By: ryan purington

What was theLittle Rock 9

The Little Rock 9 was 9 teens that due to the Brown Vs the Board of education they had the right to be able to go to the school. These 9 students went to the school where they were brought in and helped by armed officials because people didn't want them to be in a all white school.

Central High School where the Little Rock 9 took place

Who was involved in The Little Rock 9

This event took place in Little Rock Arkansas in the United States of America. Some important people that was involved with the issue were the 9 teens who went to the school, the white kids in the school, the army, and the Governor Orval Faubus.

Here the armed soldiers are helping the 9 students into the building

What Happened due to The Little Rock 9

The students had to overcome many obstacles while trying to integrate into a all white school. First there were many kids that were bullying them because of the color of their skin and being racist to them. To overcome this obstacle the students would just put their heads down and get through it. What the did 60 years ago changed the way we go to school now. Now we go to school with many different races throughout it and we are all equal no matter what race we are or what religion we practice.

Now we have schools with many different races.

Modern Event Like The Little Rock 9

The women rights act was similar to The Little Rock 9. It was similar because the women didn't have the right to vote but they fought and protested, just like how african americans fought an protested to end segregation everywhere.

These are women who are voting due to the Women's Rights Act and because they protested.
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