GlenwoodTimes #1 - February 2018

Headmaster's Message

As you are aware, the intersection upgrade on Knysna Road has finally been completed. This means that Glenwood House has now paid for the upgrade on both intersections leading into the school. The cost which has been carried by Glenwood in this regard is in excess of R 6 million and I am certain that it has made the traffic flow a little easier. It is a fact, however, that the traffic and safety is still a concern and I have communicated this issue to the George Municipality on numerous occasions but have not been afforded the opportunity to sit down and discuss the matter with the responsible decision makers. I have also brought it to the attention of our ward councillor, Mr Leon van Wyk.

Notwithstanding the above, it remains the responsibility of the school and the parents to ensure that we make our school environment as safe as possible and we can only do this if we work together in a responsible manner.

The following standard “rules” apply in and around the school:

1. It is important to be considerate and polite towards all other parents/motorists using the road.

2. The children have the right of way at all times.

3. Please do not stop in the main traffic queue and allow your child to climb out of the vehicle and then open the boot of the car to retrieve his or her bag – in some cases the child is then still expected to go back in order to give mom a hug – all this is going on whilst the queue is growing longer and more impatient. Make use of the parking bay.

4. Adhere to the speed limit of 10 km/h.

5. No vehicle is allowed to climb any pavement at any time.

6. During the morning and afternoon “peak hour” the one- way rule applies. We enter through the East Gate and exit via the West Gate. We have found a number of motorists dropping their children in the gravel parking area and then attempting to “quickly” exit via the East Gate. Please refrain from this practice as it is going to cause an accident.

7. Parents are encouraged not to drop their children in Glenwood Avenue but rather be patient and ensure that they are off-loaded safely.

8. No unauthorised vehicles are allowed onto any field.

9. Please refrain from parking in the road directly outside the administration building – use the parking bays.

I undertake to continue liaising with the authorities in this regard as the section of Glenwood Avenue outside the school needs to be made safer and more pedestrian friendly. We are in the process of arranging for the installation of a pedestrian gate next to the (blue) main gate. I will keep parents updated on the developments in this regard.

little glens corner


Top Left: Grade 000 Leah-Mae Swiegelaar decorating a gingerbread man. Top Right: Grade 00, Hippo class, baking day. Bottom: Grade 0, Giraffe class, enjoying baking.

sensory play

Left: Hippos enjoying sensory activities. Middle: Keyla Douglas, Hippo class, getting messy in shaving cream. Right: Angelus Manitsas, Grade 000, having lots of fun jumping in muddy puddles.

Tie dye

The colourful Grade 0s had lots of fun tie-dying their own shirts.

valentine's day

Top Left: Grade 000 wearing their Love Bug hats for Valentine's Day. Top Right: The Cheetah class celebrated Valentine's Day on the sports field. They shared home-baked cupcakes, roses and chocolates with their teachers, Ms Tersia and Ms Sylvia. Bottom Left: The Giraffe class share their hearts with you. A classroom full of love. Bottom Right: The Zebra class show off their beautiful Valentine's Day cards they made for their parents, along with the chocolate parcels that Bao Bao Gao brought for everybody.

preparatory bulletin


Tuesday, 6 February 2017 saw the inauguration of the new Preparatory School Prefect Body. We are very proud to introduce the new leaders in the Preparatory School.


David De Necker, Samantha Hyde, Morgan Barclay, Dylan van Schalkwyk, Migal Groenewald, Tailyn Lincow, Kate Bartels, Aura Manitsas, Tiaan Hugo, Catherine Mentz, Ruzaan Beyleveldt, Dané Swanevelder, Hugo Koen, Aimee Vermaak, Nicole Booyens, Günter Young, William Parsons, Gugu Zumbire, Clara Campbell, Seke Zumbire, Emiel Terblanche, Zeze Zumbire, Cienna Erfmann, Daniel van der Merwe, Jonathan van Niekerk


Deputy Head Girl: Gisèle Young, Deputy Head Boy: Ruan Lamprecht, Head Girl: Marli du Toit, Head Boy: Tristan Scholtz

Front Row: Aimee Vermaak, Seke Zumbire, Cienna Erfmann Second Row: Aura Manitsas, Kate Bartels, Gisèle Young (Deputy Head Girl), Marli du Toit (Head Girl), Tristan Scholtz (Head Boy), Ruan Lamprecht (Deputy Head Boy), Tiaan Hugo, Migal Groenewald Third Row: Gugu Zumbire, Catherine Mentz, Dané Swanevelder, Nicole Booyens, Tailyn Lincow, David de Necker, Hugo Koen, Zeze Zumbire, Samantha Hyde, Emiel Terblanche Back Row: Günther Young, William Parsons, Jonathan van Niekerk, Ruzaan Beyleveldt, Clara Campbell, Morgan Barclay, Dylan van Schalkwyk, Daniel vd Merwe

grade 6 camp

Miré de Waal (Gr. 6S) - Geskryf as Afrikaanse Nuusberig

Die Glenwood House Graad 6 kinders was op ‘n kamp in Eagle Falls. Kom ons sê net hulle het baie geoefen om berge te klim en in die reën te slaap.

Die graad 6 leerders kom almal daar aan en begin na die eerste oefening te stap. Eers klim 6 – 7 leerders op hout planke en moet links, regs skree en begin loop. In die volgende aktiwiteit het ons ‘n bal oor ons kop gegee vir die ander persoon. Die bal kom terug, maar die keer, onderdeur ons bene. Ons het in ‘n kring gestaan met ‘n “hoola hoop” en moes onderdeur klim sonder om ons hande te laat los. Toe moes ons ons eie skuiling bou uit stokke, blare en tou. Dit was baie lekker al kon ons nie daar slaap nie. Volgende gaan kry ons water en ons slaapsakke en begin die berg uitklim. Ons het daarbo aangekom en het ons slaapsakke uitgesit. Natuurlik het seunskinders ander begin fop! Daar was tandepasta orals. Die laaste aand maak die kinders pooitjie kos en dit was nou lekker!

Die kamp was baie interessant en het definitief ‘n goeie inpak op die kinders se lewens gemaak.


On Monday, 22 January, the Prep School took to the pool to find out which team would be king of aquatics.

Despite an overcast day, spirits ran high as each team member swam his / her heart out in an attempt to secure victory for his / her house. We were treated to a display of swimming excellence, as well as an enthusiastic show of spirit on the grandstands.

A very big ‘thank you’ is extended to all our parents who willingly acted as officials at the gala. We really appreciate your willingness to help as well as the good spirit with which you took on the job.

Montagu was crowned champions and walked away with the coveted Inter House Trophy. Congratulations, Montagu, but watch your back, the other two houses will be challenging you for the title in 2019.

Below is a summary of the award winners:

Most promising swimmer: Taylor-Blake van Tonder, Victrix Ludorum: Catherine Mentz, Victor Ludorum: Daniel vd Merwe

Spirit Trophy Winners: Wellington

Houses points: Wellington 296, Courtenay 337, Montagu 369

Congratulations to all who took part!

college campus

glenwood Karoo challenge

Article written by: Kahleah du Toit, Marianne Holm, Derick Hill

The longest and toughest journeys are usually the most rewarding, and that was certainly the case with the GKC. The Glenwood Karoo Challenge is a 550km journey that the grade 10s undertake for 18 days. We survived this daunting distance of cycling, hiking, horse-riding and swimming by eating lots of PVM bars.

If you had told me, four years ago, when I stood on the brink of entering high school, that I would spend two weeks in the company of my peers, crashing through the bush with no sign of the twenty first century close by, I probably would have thought you were mad. And yet, on the morning of Sunday the 17th of November in the year 2017, my friends and I stood on the edge of another great adventure. A journey that would make us delve deeper into ourselves than we ever thought possible -- The GKC.

The Karoo challenge journey started long before that morning. Throughout the year the grade 10s were mentally and physically preparing for the challenge that awaited them. Gear had to be assembled, bikes and proper shoes sourced. Tents were dusted off, and food crates were well packed for the duration. The students had to take part in vigorous training sessions as preparation, all this adding to the mounting tension towards the end of the year. During the GKC we were faced with many mental, physical, and emotional challenges, and there were many experiences where we had to jump out of our comfort zones.

But we weren't only tested on a physical level; possibly the hardest challenge of all was the emotional one. Eighteen days of holding out against the elements takes its toll on young minds, but emotional growth is one of the aims of the GKC. There were times when we wanted to go home, or just be left alone, or were simply stressed by the worries of camp life, but everyone was ready to lend a hand and, when it was necessary, a shoulder for a friend in need. We all came out stronger on the other side.

All in all, through the trials set before us and the uncertainty whether we would all make it, the GKC was a great success for everyone taking part. Even when group partners threw cutlery into the river (or a certain group of girls stole all the boys’ sleeping bags) we had to learn to thrive as a team! We bonded as a grade, with newfound patience, tolerance and care for each other paving the way forward. On this journey we learnt to be less of a ‘group’, and more of a family and a team. From making our food, to literally pushing each other on cycles, we were there for one another.

On this journey we had to learn to not only take care of one another, but also the environment around us. We had to be responsible for our own waste, and witnessed how plastic plagues the ocean on our beach hikes. On one of these hikes we stumbled across dead dolphins, sharks, turtles, and even a whale! During this hike we also managed to clean up thousands of pieces of trash that covered the beach.

The Grade 10s of 2017 were the 'pioneers of the new route'. Due to our group's increasing size, some parts of the old Karoo Challenge route are now inaccessible to us and an alternate route had to be mapped out for us. It started in the Baviaanskloof and took us East to the coast where we finally ended at Cape St Francis.

Camping was a new experience for many of us. Setting up camp, keeping the bugs out, doing your own cooking and washing your own clothes were all new skills for many, but we went from frustration the first evening to being a mean camping machine by the end, seamlessly slipping from campsite to campsite.

During our journey we had to remain positive as we cycled through the pouring rain, or hiked across sand dunes in the unforgiving sun. The physical aspect of the GKC turned out to be less about the strength of our legs and more about the vigour of our spirits. As the stretches of beach seemed endless and the hills never stopped, each step and push of the pedals was a movement towards becoming a happier, healthier challenger that could face any adversity with a smile.

Records fall at GWH 2018 College Interhouse Athletics meeting

The weather played along and 30 new records were set at the GWH College Interhouse Athletics meeting on Friday the 26th of January 2018.

The junior Victor and Victrix Lodorum awards went to Mark Barbour and Gizele Young respectively. Mark (u14) excelled in the discus with a distance of 35,04m and Gizele (u14) ran an excellent 90m Hurdles in 15,41s.

The senior Victor and Victrix Lodorum titles went to Ewert Pretorius and Genévieve Young. Genévieve also achieved the best performance honour with a distance of 10,14m in the u19 shotput, worth 824 points on the ASA scoring tables. Ewert ran a respectable 24,86s in the 200m u17 as his best performance of the day.

Other notable performances include a 1,65m in the u17 high jump by Carla du Plessis, confirming her position as one the top 5 girls u17 high jumpers in South Africa. Lincy Gondwe (u17) reached 11,04m in the shotput, worth a very solid 822 points on the ASA scoring tables. Micaela Kirsten (u17) won the 200m in a time of 28,39s.

Montagu, Wellington and Courtney vied for the top house honours with Courtney (646) in the end edging out Wellington (601,5) by a mere 44.5 points.

Results of events where records were set :

GU14 100m Gizele Young 13.99s, GU17 100m Micaela Kirsten 13.75s, GU15 1500m Jenna Borrett 05:38.94, BU17 1500m Hendrik Visser 04:49.28, GU14 200m Gizele Young 28.95s, GU15 200m Lara Vrey 29.82s, GU17 200m Micaela Kirsten 28.39s, BU14 400m Roelof Naudé 66.55s, GU17 400m Jos Fogle 66.55s, GU19 400m Siân Grindlay 68.93s, GU15 800m Jenna Borrett 02:44.43, GU17 800m Amy Hyde 02:44.84, BU17 800m Hendrik Visser 02:14.60, GU19 800m Siân Grindlay 02:57.69, GU14 90m Hurdles Gizele Young 15.41s, GU17 100m Hurdles Gillian Young 17.01s, BU14 100m Hurdles Aidan van Eeden 17.99s, GU19 100m Hurdles Madison Solomon 19.82s, BU17 Discus Ewert Pretorius 33.72m, GU19 Discus Genévieve Young 22.32m, BU15 Discus Mark Barbour 35.04m, GU15 High jump Lara Vrey 1.43m, GU17 High jump Carla Du Plessis 1.65m, GU14 Long jump Gizele Young 4.48m, GU17 Long jump Carla Du Plessis 4.69m, GU19 Shotput Genévieve Young 10.14m, GU17 Shotput Lincy Gondwe 11.04m

Successful Glenwood House School 2018 Interschools' Prestige Athletics Meeting showcase local talent

The annual GWH Interschools' Prestige Athletics meeting on the 1st of February 2018, continued its tradition of showcasing the athletics talent of the Eden District schools with 17 brand new records.

Glenwood House hosted York High, Curro Mosselbay, and Oakhill from Knysna under perfect conditions.

The top performances of the day were provided by Gizele Young (GWH), who improved her personal best in the 90mH GU14 to a credible 14.70s, Christopher Buckley and Cohen Gallant from York High respectively achieved 13.29m in the shotput (BU15) and Gallant covered the 100m BU17 in a blistering 11.30s. All three performances also set new meeting records.

GWH made a clean sweep of the junior and senior Victor and Victrix Lodorum awards. The junior accolades went to went to Gizele Young and Roelof Naudé and the senior recipients were Micaela Kirsten and Ewert Pretorius.

Results of events where records were set:

GU14 100m Gizele Young 13.3s GWH, GU14 100m Rencia De Jager 13.3s York, BU17 100m Cohen Gallant 11.3s York, GU14 200m Rencia De Jager 28.9s York, GU17 200m Micaela Kirsten 27.8s GWH, GU17 400m Micaela Kirsten 63.4s GWH, GU19 800m Sanja Greef 02:38.00 York, GU14 90mh Gizele Young 14.7s GWH, GU17 100mh Micaela Kirsten 17.6s GWH, GU19 100mh Siân Grindlay 21.0s GWH, GU17 High jump Carla Du Plessis 1.55m GWH, BU19 High jump Shaun Wagner 1.84m GWH, GU14 Long jump Gizele Young 4.68m GWH, GU17 Long jump Carla Du Plessis 4.74m GWH, BU14 Long jump Ab Essa 5.34m York, GU19 Shotput Genévieve Young 9.68m GWH, BU15 Shotput Chris Buckley 13.29m York, BU17 Shotput Ewert Pretorius 12.54m GWH

Micaela Kirsten, Gizele Young, Mr Symes, Roelof Naudé, Ewert Pretorius

blood donations

Grade 11 Life Science class donating blood


This is the third annual planning and brainstorming camp held at Ebb and Flow, Wilderness. Taking the learners out of the school environment to plan and discuss the year ahead is a productive exercise. Learners are more open to ideas and have an opportunity to interact at a totally different level than when at school. The aim of the camp is to plot all the environmental days in the year on a year planner. This will guide the society with campaigns, awareness programs etc. As this camp it meant to be a brainstorming session everyone was inspired and there were many ideas for increasing the environmental awareness within the school and community. It also served to pinpoint priority environmental issues that are taking place within our area and highlight the plight of some animal or plant species that are in need of support.

This year we challenged the group to host a plastic and meat free camp. This is in line with global environmental crisis facing the planet. It was decided to make a vegetable potjie with couscous and a green salad. The learners bought the ingredients at a local store and they were packed in brown biodegradable packets. The food contained vegetables and protein in the form of lentils and chickpeas. Most of the group had more than one serving and were full after their meal. There was a communal spirit as they all sat around the table and chopped everything. There was also less than a handful of recyclable waste and a bag of compostable material which was saved to feed chickens. This brought a huge discussion point around the table regarding meat, climate change, waste, buying local food etc.

This challenge was a huge success and we will continue to be mindful of this during our other outings and activities etc.

The new committee was elected and the positions for project managers were filled. Congratulations to the following elected committee and project managers.

Chair – Dané Botha, Deputy – Siobhan de Bruyn, Secretary – Derick Hill, Treasurer – Tosca Musiker, Media Head – Taylor-Ann Auckland, Leopard Project – Robin Mahne, Waste Management – John Powell, Wetland Project – Andrew Minaar

Landmark Foundation will mentor and assist with the Waste Management and Leopard Project and Laurie will mentor the Wetland Project.

It was very impressive to see the passion and dedication these learners have toward the environment. We wish them well and hope that they can make some changes to our world and lead by example.

turning trash into treasure

Glenwood House Environment Society is addressing its school’s plastic waste by turning trash into treasure! The group of 25 environmentally conscious students have been looking at ways to reduce their school’s waste footprint – especially in terms of their waste to landfill. The group of students have been digging in the dumpsters and recycling bins around the school for clean non-biodegradable plastic waste. Thousands of kilograms of plastic waste are discarded at South African schools every year, including used pens, broken stationary, packaging, cool drink bottles and food wrappers. This waste is often dumped into landfill, where it photodegrades and pollutes land, fresh water and even our food sources.

South Africa is one of the top 15 waste generating countries in the world, producing an astounding 50 000 tonnes of garbage every day. Glenwood’s Environment Society discovered that this rubbish can be turned into useful building materials by making Ecobricks. An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed solid with non-biological waste to make a re-useable building block. These bottle bricks keep plastic out of the biosphere and raise consciousness about resource management. Bricks can then be donated to projects where they will be used to build schools, garden furniture, crèches and playgrounds.

Glenwood’s environmental activists even took their waste solution out to teach others about it. The group partnered with a local crèche; Beaumont Early Learning Centre, to teach the smaller children how to make Ecobricks. The high school students showed the toddlers how to push the dry plastic and stryofoam into the 2 litre plastic bottles and let the children help them to compress it with a wooden stick. The toddlers loved learning about the Ecobricks and being encouraged by the older students.

For instructions and guides on how to make your own Ecobricks; see EcoBrickExchange on Facebook and Instagram.



Give Millie a Hand!

Millie Parker has worked at Glenwood House School for over a decade. She is the ever capable, reliable, friendly bus driver, errand runner, cleaner, banker and organizer we all know and love. Millie is from Borchards in George and says there are many things she enjoys about working at the school, including her friends on the staff. Millie is very positive about her job but says she gets disappointed if the students don't look after the restrooms. She appeals to the learners to treat our wonderful facilities with utmost respect. Let's give Millie and her team a helping hand by keeping the restrooms clean and tidy.

Cari Pretorius

Cari Pretorius was born in Bloemfontein and studied at Kovsies.

Before joining the Glenwood staff in 2015, she tutored at university and taught Grade R at Blanco Pre-Primary. Her extra-mural activities include swimming and drama. Her hobbies and interests are painting, swimming, reading and baking. She loves Spring time, holidays and travelling and dislikes negativity.

Cari is a dedicated and popular teacher with a compassionate heart and a willing and helpful nature. Her motto for the year is “Be kind, work hard, smile often and never stop learning.”

chelsea johnson

Chelsea Johnson is happy, outgoing and always up for adventure. She is a natural science teacher and joined the school just over a year ago.

Ms Johnson enjoys travelling, hiking, listening to music and trying out new foods. She reads quite a bit and loves to watch TV series.


Janine Boshoff started working at Glenwood in March 2009, and is currently in the Finance Department. She is very efficient in her role, and is always helpful to parents and staff alike. Janine is married to Christo Boshoff (who teaches Afrikaans and CAT in the College), and apart from Christo, the other two ‘loves of her life’ are Isabelle and Lia - her Dachshunds.

In her spare time, Janine assists in trying to find homes for abandoned dogs and shelters. She does this by communicating on a Facebook page (Dachshunds in need in South Africa) and networks with a few Prolife shelters in Gauteng, Mosselbay and the George SPCA.

Janine enjoys running, cycling outdoors and going to gym. She also has a passion for keeping up with latest fashion trends and LOVES online shopping!


eden athletics trials

These Glenwood House athletes are jumping for joy as they have been selected to represent the George team at the Eden athletics trials.

From left: Unam Halam, Sarah de Wit, Nicole Steyl and Kara Booysen. At the back is Nicolas Vrey, Wido Rudolf (1st long jump), Carmi Lewis ( 1st 100m, 150m and long jump!), Lomé Gouws (1st long jump) and Ryan van Eeden.

preparatory biathlon

Glenwood House is proud to introduce the rise of a champion! Ruben Gouws participated in the Highgate Inter Provincial Biathlon championships, where he not only won the U9 title but was also awarded the Junior Victor Ludorum, a trophy that is mostly awarded to higher age groups. Ruben successfully defended this age group title, winning it last year while only 8 years old!

college biathlon

Hendrik Visser participated in the Interprovincial Highgate Biathlon. His time of 6:19 for running 2000m and 1:09 for swimming awarded him a 4th place (out of 32 participates) in the U17 boys division. An outstanding achievment; well done, Hendrik!

junior primary eden swimming champs

The Glenwood Junior Swimming Team show off the beautiful trophy which they won at the Junior Primary Eden Championships gala swum at Oakhill on Friday, 2 February.

u13 CHUKKA waterpolo festival

The Glenwood House U13 water polo teams participated in the Oakhill Chukka festival in Knysna. This unique experience offered our young polo players a great opportunity to play polo against visitors from far and wide. Our boys did exceptionally well, only losing 1 match and the girls also showed their well-honed skills with great results.

Boys results: won 9-2 vs Reddam, won 3-0 vs Stirling, lost 1-10 vs Grey, won 4-3 vs St Andrew’s, won 5-2 vs Llandudno, won 7-1 vs Sun Valley, won 8-1 vs Fish Hoek, won 12-0 vs St George’s.

Cuan Leach, the captain of the boys’ team scored an impressive 17 goals during the festival. Daniel van der Merwe was presented with the most valuable player award.

Girls results: tied 3-3 vs Stirling, lost 2-7 vs Blossoms, won 10-1 vs St George’s, won 7-2 vs Sun Valley, tied 3-3 vs DSG, won 4-1 vs Collegiate, won 3-2 vs Llandudno, won 9-4 vs Fish Hoek, won 8-2 vs Reddam.

Catherine Mentz had an incredible run of finishing in this festival, scoring 42 of her team’s 49 goals! She was presented with the top goal scorer of the festival and most valuable player. The girls’ team was also presented with the most spirited team award.

Grey College Boys’ Water Polo Tournament 25 – 27 January 2018

The Glenwood House 1st boys’ Water polo team competed in the Grey College water polo tournament in Bloemfontein. This was the first year that Glenwood House has been invited to this annual event.

The boys played against top class opposition from across South Africa.

Results of the pool matches were: 4-6 loss vs. the hosts, Grey College, 6-7 loss vs. St Benedict’s College from Johannesburg and a 4-14 loss vs. Selborne College from East London.

The play-offs started with a 2-7 loss vs. Kingswood College from Grahamstown. The boys beat Parktown Boys’ High School from Johannesburg 3-2 and won their final match of the tournament 4-1 against St Peter’s College of Johannesburg. This meant that Glenwood House ended 14th at the tournament.

Grey High School won the tournament by beating Clifton. Selborne finished third.

Thank you to Coach Guy Bird and also to Mr Eric Young for transport over the weekend.

myschool myvillage myplanet



We received the following letter from Tayla Massey-Hicks’ proud grandmother.

“Tayla Massey-Hicks attended Glenwood House from Grade 4 - and matriculated 2014. She would like to share her success story with the students – especially those that are not quite reaching the A levels. Tayla has found her “Passion in Fashion”. She has just graduated after 3 years at Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion. Striving for excellence is what she learnt at Glenwood – and whilst no student likes discipline – the discipline will make you stand out from the rest, when you go to University.“

At Tayla’s graduation not only did she receive the Truworths award for her garment range, she was employed by the Company as a Garment Technologist graduate.

To the students attending Glenwood – Tayla wishes to convey a message:

Believe in yourself – Be bold – Be structured – Be disciplined – and have fun. If you can Dream it – You can Do it.”

It is truly heartwarming to share in this good news. Tayla – a hearty congratulations from your school. Make a BIG noise out there so that we can hear it all the way here in George!

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