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I'm an 18yr old filmmaker and photographer trying to set an example for the next generation of youth. I believe strongly in consistently seeking opportunities to improve and believe everyone should be doing the same. I enjoy making videos and taking pictures.


Email: @ryanday6299@gmail.com

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My name is Ryan Day and I’m starting a clothing line. My intention in doing so is to promote a lifestyle of Ambition and Leadership. These days the desire and determination to become successful is hard to find and it is crippling our society as most of us consent to conform. We don’t exist just to be worker bees and crawl in and out of a hole all day long, just so someone can give us a little money so we don’t starve to death. There is far more to life than just being average. Think very seriously about how you want to spend the ONE life you have been gifted. Do you really want to slave your life away as you watch others achieve their wildest dreams?


Round 2

Short Sleeve Tees $29
White Short Sleeve
Long Sleeve Shirts $24
Black Long Sleeve
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Ryan Day


Ryan Day

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