Building the bridge! a 3 part process...

part 1 - identifying need -- neighborhood bridges will be launched first through the westerville school district by engaging teachers, counselors, administrators, and parent groups. our best advocates to identify & post needs. this is the needs side of our bridge...:)

Many unmet needs in Westerville

part 2 -- identifying kindness -- neighborhood bridges will be working aggressively with parent groups, westerville families & citizens, service organizations, and local business to attract potential donors to join us on the bridge, and begin serving them with requests. this is the giving & kindness side of our bridge...:)

Westerville families are ready!

part 3 -- reinforce the bridge -- to give our project strength and the ability to support our new gateway for kindness through technology & support...we will work with local businesses and donors to invest. this builds and strengthens our bridge to support the kindness that is flowing over it.

westerville will be the model -- for kindness...:)
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rick bannister


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