Fangirl BY: Rainbow rowell

"Fangirl" was published in September of 2013.

This is Rainbow Rowell, she is the author of the first book i presented "Eleanor and Park". Rainbow lives in Nebraska with her husband and two sons. She writes young adult books as well adult contemporary. 1995-2012 she was a columnist and co-writer of the Omaha World-Herald. In 2011, Rowell published her first book Attachments. Following within a four year period she published four new books.

This is Cather(Cath)...Cath is a nerdy stay at home kind of girl. She likes to read about Simon and Baz in the book "Carry on" in fact she writes fan fiction about them and has many followers. Cath and Levi become a thing later on in the book.

Wren is Cath's twin sister. Wren is the outgoing party type of girl. She loves to drink and that gets her put into the hospital which has her entire family worried.

This is Levi....he is a little awkward. He is really tall and lanky and works at Starbucks.He is not to bright but his smile is, which he does to anything with a heartbeat. Levi has a big heart for the right people.

this is Reagan, Cath's roommate in college.She is a fierce young women who doesn't let anyone push her around or stand in her way. She is kind of annoyed by Cath's goodie goodie nature

Summery: Cather and her sister wren move out to college and start their education in learning. Wren is almost always at parties while Cath is always home studying or writing her fanfic of Baz and Simon's gay love story. Cath's roommate, Reagan, is a little headstrong and takes awhile to get used to Cath. Reagan has Levi over to help him with hos school work. Slowly Levi starts to show feelings for Cath and they start to hang out more. One night changed everything for Levi and Cath, they slept together innocently after a long night of Cath trying to help Levi with a book assignment. A few nights after Wren, Cath's sister, went to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. Cath went back home to help her father out with keeping Wren sober. As the weeks went on Cather and Levi fell in love, going on dates and sleeping over, falling in love with every little bit of each other.

What I liked about this book is that the story line develops at a nice speed it isn't to low or too high. Also, the characters were easy to understand emotionally. I disliked how long it took for Levi and Cather to fall in love. It took around 150 pages.

I love Rowell's style of writing, you read from the character's point of view as is you are seeing and saying everything she wrote. Also, at the end of every chapter it would be a passage from Cather's fan page.

I give this book at 10 out of 10. Its my favorite book of all time.

quote:"I am such and idiot I cant even go nine hours without seeing you" -Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl

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