World War 2 and the United Nations By Nia

The Original UN- The League of Nations

The United Nations was created in 1945 during the second world war. The United Nation replaced the first international organization called the League of Nations. The League of Nations was an organisation created after the first world war to provide a system for solving international disputes other than fighting. The formation of the League of Nations was suggested by our president, although the U.S. never a became member.

The Axis Power's Influence on the UN

The aggression of the axis power result in the idea of the United Nations. German, Japan and Italy were considered the Axis power. Feeling the effects of war caused by the Axis, 26 nations had subscribed to the United Nations Declaration. The United Nations Declaration is a document agreed on by the 26 nations.

The Idea of the UN

President Franklin D. Roosevelt saw the flaws of the League of Nations and wanted to come up with a better alternative. One of the League of Nations' biggest mistakes was failing to prevent the second world war. Because of this, Roosevelt invited British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to a meeting to discuss the founding of an improved League of Nations, The United Nations. President Harry S. Truman continued the idea of the UN after Roosevelt’s death. He worked through complicated international problems to make the founding of the new organization possible. After almost four years of planning, the international community finally established the United Nations in 1945.

The UN Headquarters

When having a UN headquarters was first thought of the members knew they wanted it to be in the united states because World War 2 caused Europe tho be physically and politically scarred. Originally the United Nations Headquarters were supposed to be located in North Dakota. It was originally supposed located there because the grieving father of a war veteran wanted his home, the suburbs of South Dakota, to be the "political capital of the world". After much consideration the members of the UN decided to have it placed in New York, because they wanted it to be in close proximity to Europe. The UN headquarters has been in New York ever since the buildings completion in 1952, and remains there today.

The Five Permanent Members of the UN

The permanent members of the UN are France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They are the five victors of World War 2, meaning they have the ability to veto in UN meetings and a permanent membership. They can also recommend procedures for peaceful resolution of a dispute, enforce decisions militarily, investigate anything threatening international peace. However other members of the UN only have a renewable 2 year term.


Through this paper the history of the UN beginning was discovered. The failure of the League of Nations was why the UN was founded. The founder of the UN was the President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The decided location of the UN headquarters was New York. Five of the Allies from World War 2 became the permanent members of the Security Council. These reasons why the United Nations is what it is today.


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