Colossal squids Cameron

A colossal squid is bigger than a bus.
A colossal squid has a eye as big as a basketball.
A collossal squid is sometimes mean.
A collossal squid lives deep.
Collossal squids live in water.
Whales eat collossal squids.


Created with images by Al404 - "Colossal Squid" • Graham C99 - "London Bus v Truck: Colossal squid comparison war" • MikeBlogs - "GiantSquidEye.JPG" • Wicker Paradise - "Vintage Sea Monster Print ‘Colossal Squid Antique Mythological Print - Nautical Sailor Pirate Ship" • amatern - "050927_giant_squid" • A.M. Kuchling - "Model of a giant squid" • variationblogr - "Melbourne_Museum_Animals_2"

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