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Welcome to the Chesapeake District Junior Civitan Newsletter

September 2017

For the past couple of years, our Junior Civitan International Presidents have sent an email on the first of the month with the subject line, "Rabbit Rabbit" to the International Board, District Governors and District Chairs. The practice of saying Rabbit Rabbit on the first of the month is traced back to 15th century England. It was thought that saying this would give you a lucky month; another theory is that the rabbit is jumping into the future and moving ahead with life and happiness.

We've decided to put our own spin on this practice and instead of Rabbit Rabbit, we will have Chessie Chessie. Around the first of the month, look for this newsletter with upcoming dates, activities, projects and information to help you have a successful month of service and leadership!

Please share with all your club members

In case you did not know, Chessie is our District Mascot


  • Make sure your club fills-out your Officer Report as soon as you have your '17-'18 Officer Elections or if there have been any changes.
  • Before November 1st, fill out your Membership Report with all club members' info (especially emails & cell#)
  • Email to International and your District Reps
  • Both Reports can be found in our District's Google Folder, or www.juniorcivitan.org or www.chesapeakejuniorcivitan.org (temporarily not available as we update and upgrade)


Chesapeake Officer, Advisor, Sponsor Training

All Club Officers are required to be trained to be considered a club in Good Standing with the District and International.

COAST is Mandatory

All on-line training calls can be joined using this link: https://zoom.us/j/6112312388

  • Presidents and Vice Presidents Training - On Line: September 10th (7 pm)
  • ALL Club Officers Training - On Line: September 10th (7:30 pm)
  • Advisors Training - On Line: September 9th (10 am)
  • Sponsor Club Training - On Line: September 5th (7pm)

All Club Officers must be certified by September 30th

If you are not able to attend the On Line Training for your position, you can view the recording from our website (after the training date), and complete the Certification Document before September 30th. www.chesapeakejuniorcivitan.org

To view the entire Recruitment Flyer, go to our District Google folder or www.juniorcivitan.org (Club Literature and Forms) Don't forget to REPORT your Fall Recruitment Activities!

Hashtags to use

Use the following hastags in all your social media posts. Who knows, our District or Junior Civitan International may share or retweet your posts. (hint: create a club hashtag, it will make it easier to find pictures when writing up your award summaries)




Don't forget to share your posts on Junior Civitans Around the World on Facebook and our Private Facebook Page.

Meet your District Board of Directors

From left to right

Hannah Kim, Historian - Churchill High School

Brianna Turgott, Treasurer - Churchill High School

Anushe, Ashraf, International Director, District Governor - Langley High School

Bailey Moskowitz, Lt. Governor - James Madison High, '16-'17 Junior Civitan International Club President of the Year

Maria Cruz, Lt. Governor - Liberty High School

Victoria Davis, Inspiration Leader - Spring Mills High School

Timothy Bright, Deputy Governor - Liberty High School

Jasmine Nguyen, PRC (Public Relations Coordinator) - James Madison High School

Ashley Nguyen, Secretary - James Madison High School

Deven Desai, Lt. Governor - Churchill High School

Missing from photo: Helene Cho, Lt. Governor - Churchill High School

District Board Planning Meeting

Did you know you can borrow our District of The Year Trophy?

Use it as a fall recruiting tool, share on morning announcements, show your club members, who did not go to Convention what they missed, and just plain bragging rights. Send Ms. Carmen an email to let her know when you would like it to visit your school/club.

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