Daniel Hale Williams 3rd By:Alyssa Stepetak


In his early Williams elder is a barber and now is following in his footsteps. When Williams was 10 his elder Passed away, Because of this he was sent to Blat more Maryland were family friends lived. There he became a shoemaker disliked his job therefore moved back with his family in Illinoes. He liked being a Barber but he really wanted a education. He went to a school called Chicago Medical College and worked really hard and worked with with Dr.Hery palmer (Surguen).

Why are They Famous?

The man who he did open heart surgery on.

Daniel Williams is famous because he was the first person to do open heart surgery successfully!!! He was also opened the first hospital that had nursing and he opened a hospital training. He started to become popular and they called him Dr. Dan.

Daniel Williams' Accomplishments

Daniel Hale Williams Book

Williams had a lot of accomplishments in his lifetime. He got degrees in Howerd and Wilberforce he was also a member in the Chicago surigical society. After his life he was picked into the top 100 African Americans!!!!

Impacts Daniel Williams Made

Since Daniel was the first person to do open heart surgery successfully, before he did that he made improvements to other open heart surgeries. Williams also opened the first hospital with nursing and integrated staff. Slowly this carried on to other hospitals.

How are they Celebrated?

All though Williams does not have a special day he is still celebrated because he is named after many schools and hospitals. Also there are many articles wrote about him.

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