Alexandra Huff Graphic Design Midterm Portfolio

These are the t-shirt designs I created for powderpuff football this year. Esmeralda designed the 17 back of the shirt, and I tweaked with the colors and fonts. I primarily used illustrator, except for the mockups I used photoshop. I then created the 18 from scratch, using the pen tool and circles until it looked similar to the 17 (bubbly and fun). I used the pen tool to create the brown lines that hug the 18 and I borrowed the petal like shapes from the 17 design. I created the front designs using a variation of the petals and a swoosh (that I made with the pen tool) that was inspired by the lines hugging the numbers. It was very difficult having ASB as my client. There was little contact so I did not know when they needed the design until the day of (and of course I wasn't done yet). I also realized last minute that the junior shirts were supposed to be yellow, so I had to restart my mockups, starting in illustrator, saving it as a png, then putting it into a photoshop mockup. From this, I learned to always check up with the client (at least once) while creating everything to make sure the design is what they want and that the deadlines are clear.
This was another client piece that I did with Mr. Pedersen as my client. I used illustrator to create this piece. I made each line of the poem a different font, and squeezed two lines of each poem into each row of the poster. I purposely made every font different, yet they are all sans serif fonts. I did this to convey the message of the poem, that we are all different but we are still very similar. sixing everything correctly involved drawing guides, resizing the text, then duplicating the guides for the next line. This was the part that took the longest. Coloring the piece was really fun, as I used the premade swatches in illustrator and made every row a different swatch. Mr. Pedersen was an awesome client as he gave me pointers on what to fix throughout the process. After doing a test print of the poster, he was able to point out to me what colors and fonts didn't show up too well. From this, I learned to always check what something will look like when it is printed because the web colors will appear so different on paper.
I created this scrabble piece for myself to give as a gift to my family. It includes all the names of my family members on my mom's side. I found a font that was the scrabble tiles so the majority of this project was simply playing around with different layouts. I used illustrator to do the whole thing, and I had so many artboards with different combinations of names. After condensing the names as muc as I could, I played around with different color schemes. I made my grandparents one color (Polly and Jeep), and each of their children's family a different color. I used this very cool recoloring tool in illustrator that created different color schemes for me. It also made it super easy to recolor the whole family as opposed to selecting one letter at a time. At the end, I added an image of wood to make it look like a scrabble game being played on a table. From this project I learned the importance of alignment. The first rough draft I created, nothing was aligned and it looked absolutely horrible as a whole piece. After that, I spent days making sure the spaces between all the "tiles" were even. It really made all the difference in the world and I am so proud of how this piece turned out.
I created these fake business cards for fun using indesign). I had created some text effects (using layer styles) previously using photoshop. I played around with gradients, textures, inner glows, outer glows, and dropshadows until I created the sky, sunset, and ocean text effects. I copy and pasted the layer styles over to the main text on the front of the cards. I also decided that I wanted each card to have a different alignment to test out what I liked best for future projects. Overall, these business cards evolved sooo much. At the beginning, they really sucked. I played around with so many different fonts, colors, backgrounds, and combinations of those factors. I heavily relied in sans serif fonts for the informative text (contact info and address) to put the focus on the fancy, important text. Form this project I learned that good designs start from bad ones. I almost gave up halfway through this because I hated my designs so much but I kept playing around with the cards and they ended up turning out really good.
This was the first snapchat geofilter I created this year! I wanted to make one for sunset cliffs because I go there often and I had never seen a geofilter there. I used a youtube tutorial to create the sun and the ocean in illustrator. Instead of using the gradient tool, I used the blend tool and many different colored rectangles and ovals. It drove me absolutely crazy at first but I picked it up pretty quickly. Originally, I had a sky that was rectangular behind a yellow sun but that filter got reject so I created this one! I made the cliffs using the pen tool. I chose a font that had an artsy surfer vibe because that is the Ocean Beach/Sunset Cliffs was of life. I converted the text to outlines to make the first letters of each word larger to really emphasize the separate words (before it looked like one word). This was my first filter to get accepted and I couldn't be more proud of it. After getting my filter rejected the first time, I reworked the filter to make it even better which helped me learn further that there is always room for improvement in a design. I also learned how to use the blend tool which has become a new favorite of mine since I hate illustrator gradients so much.
I created this geofilter using illustrator for the barn that Claire rides horses at. This project was super fun. I got a picture of Claire riding a horse and used the pen tool to trace her and the horse. I used the smooth tool a lot to make the edges of the horse and Claire less awkward and more real looking. I used the brush tool to paint the reins on since they are more free flowing. The hardest thing about making this was creating depth. I used the eyedropper tool to draw color directly from the picture. Often times I had to darken the pieces further away (like the back legs of the horse and Claire's shirt) to show that they were behind the other shapes. The hands up close are just rectangles as fingers. They don't look very good, but zoomed out to the size that this is viewed at on snapchat, they look fine. From this project, I learned how to create a depth in a two-dimensional image. Before starting this, I had no idea how I was going to differentiate the back legs of the horse form the front legs but the experimentation with color paid off.
I created this filter fro our winter formal using illustrator. This piece is very simple but it was very fun to make. I outlined a seahorse using the pen tool surprisingly well to the point where there were few points I had to go back and fix. I used a picture of the ocean to draw the colors from. I did end up darkening the text to make it more visible on lighter backgrounds. The text was the hardest thing to figure out. I played around with putting all of the text on it, leaving off the school name, leaving off the year, and leaving off the name of the dance. Eventually, I decided that all of the information was important and needed to be on there. I manipulated the serra text heavily. I love the font, but the r's were ginormous and dipped below the baseline of the text which made it hard to put text underneath. I converted the text to outlines and made the r's the same size as the a and the e. I also moved them to the left quite a bit to make them look more connected to the other letters than before. I added the bubbles as an experiment to fill up space and I am so happy with how they turned out. You can't see it on a white background, but there is a slight outer glow around them and it looks really nice on a darker background. I added a stroke to the sans serif text to make it more visible when zoomed out to the size it will be on snapchat. I also added a drop shadow to help make the text more visible on different kinds of backgrounds. I added the drop shadow to the seahorse too because it looked weird without it. This is the piece that I am most proud of creating this semester. I learned form this, that simple can still look amazing.
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