THE HARN Andrew Merritt

Tribal Mask

The photo above represents the piece of art that stood out to me the most at the Harn Museum. The above mask is from a tribal ritual surrounding worship. It stood out to me through its rich detail that is not well represented in the above photograph. It spoke to me in a way when I visited the Harn that I feel could not be replicated through viewing on the web. Overall the piece stood out to me mainly due to its design and purpose for being. The mask had an eerie feeling about as if their was still energy surrounding it just another reason of why it stood out among the rest.

Upon entering the first wing

The above photograph represents an exhibit that I found to be very appealing. The way this exhibit stood out to me the most was due to the lighting and space of the room this exhibit seemed to stand out alone from the rest of the exhibits that it was roomed with. The exhibit itself made me feel a sort of peacefulness from being around it due to its visual beauty and the fact that it was isolated mainly to itself.

This piece of artwork stood out to me the most for my core values just due its method of being done. The piece of work is sort of mysterious to me in its nature and seems to all come together seamlessly nevertheless. That is why it stands out to me due to nature of somehow coming together even if it seems it would not. This represents to me that if in life if somethings seem they might not be getting done the way you thought they would you can still complete what you started out to make in the first place even if the journey may seem a bit off track.

Celebrating the Good Life

I feel that this image shows the celebration part of the good life due to its color and design it sort of just made the room it was in come alive. This relates more due to the fact that the celebration module existed to show how art can be used to relate to celebration. The artwork above is a great display of how an artist was using his art as a sort of celebration of life and of the art as depicted above.

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