How should build railroads and why do they. By Emmanuel Dickens

I think that all people should build railroads because if the germans wanted to build railroads they should be able to build railroads.

If all people get paid different I say that every worker should be paid the same amount because some workers have a family and probably 2 or 3 kids at home waiting for there dad to come home to them and put dinner on there table for them to eat and pay for there kids to go to school and have nice things and I say that railroads workers should be able to do that everyday.

Another thing is that railroads worker should be able to work wherever they wont because some workers might get a job in American or if they say they should build railroads tracks in the southern west because I think that the southern west dont have railroads.

The cowboys had to lead the cows across the world to get the cows to Kansas and they had to stay on their horses all day until they got tired and they had to stay in a tent and in the middle of the desert.

There was a shortage on the east side of Texas and they had to move the cow so the can stop having shortages on the east and when they had got to Kansas they had to put the cows on a train so they can keep moving them to Kansas

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