General Butler By Owen-Glass

The Rope & The Rabbit

2019 | Indie

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“Bombs are falling, politicians stalling. -- Printed on the case: Made in USA."


  • Amaricana UK described General Butler as having a 'light reggae' base.
  • The Rope & The Rabbit is Owen Glass' debut Album.
  • Vocalist/songwriter Kelly Conley's mother and aunt sing backup on a track.


Luke Tatum

Owen-Glass may be the coolest band on earth. Having spoken with Kelly Conley myself, he one of the sharpest people I've ever met. Acutely aware of what is going on within the liberty movement, and well versed in the literature as well. This song is a critique of the warfare state, but it's a strikingly different track than the vast majority of the anti-war pieces on our list. "And we know that there's work to do; Revolutions happen overnight; What's a man supposed to do; With his gunpower appetite?" It's an almost sympathetic bit of lyrics, but framed in the larger song it's clear that this is tongue-in-cheek. We should not be giving people with gunpower appetites positions of power, and nigh-unlimited budgets to flex at countries with 1/1000th the military budget that the United States Empire has. The "work to do" discussed here is caused by the previous military interventions, and it's clear that Owen-Glass understands this. It's an intellectual album from front to back, but completely listenable and satisfying even if the deeper connotations pass you by.

Sherry Voluntary

Love this song. Everything I’ve heard by Owen Glass so far has been great. This song, about Smedley Butler, a Major General who wrote about how war is just a scheme for the political elite and their cronies to make more money by starting wars, regardless of the human cost. If anyone deserves to be memorialized it’s MG Butler. So many people who are former military or worshippers of the military will dismiss outright the opinions of those who have never “served.” This man did. He was a true hero that had the guts to tell the truth about the war machine and the causes of what has become, today, a perpetual state of destructive warfare. Yet, most have no idea who he is, and I imagine if they did, they would just make some excuse to just ignore him. This is why we must be loudly anti-war. It will take saying it long and loud to get through to some of them, WAR IS A RACKET!

Nicky P

For those who are not aware, this song is a direct reference to Major General Smedley Butler who wrote the book War Is A Racket. The book is popular for its eye -opening disection of military interventionism as perpetrated by the US from the perspective of a highly decorated cog in that machine. Butler who was born in the 1800s and wrote the book in 1935 points out that the military is part of a complex cost benefit calculation designed to increase profits for certain sectors of the private sector. Eventually the war itself became the driver of it's own industry and led to what yet another decorated soldier turned president called the military-industrial complex. War has seemingly always been a for profit endeavor, it has simply changed how that process works.

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Nicky P