Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving

"The Inspirer"

All about ENFP's

ENFPs are lucky in that they're good a quite a lot of different things. An ENFP can generally achieve a good degree of success at anything that has interested them. However, ENFPs get bored rather easily and are not naturally good at following things through to completion. Accordingly, they should avoid jobs that require performing a lot of detailed, routine-oriented tasks. They will do best in professions that allow them to creatively generate new ideas and deal closely with people. They will not be happy in positions that are confining and regimented.

Character Traits


Bright and capable

Warmly, genuinely interested in people; great people skills

Extremely intuitive and perceptive about people

Able to relate to people on their own level

Service-oriented; likely to put the needs of others above their own


Dislike performing routine tasks

Need approval and appreciation from others

Cooperative and friendly

Creative and energetic

Well-developed verbal and written communication skills

Natural leaders, but do not like to control people

Resist being controlled by others

Can work logically and rationally - use their intuition to understand the goal and work backwards towards it

Usually able to grasp difficult concepts and theories

Possible Careers

Landscape architecture

Forestry, parks, recreation; park ranger

Humanities / liberal arts researcher, research assistant, scholar

Social sciences (sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, history, geography)

Physician / doctor of medicine, psychiatry

College professor


Comedy writer, comedian


Graphic / website / UX / UI design

Creative media professional

Photography, photographer

Worship arts director

Writer, novelist, blogger, editor

Playwright, dramatist, screen writer

Self / Indy Publishing


Priest, pastor, minister

Life coach


Translator / languages

Mediator, diplomat, peace work

Psychologist: health, clinical, counseling, organizational

Counselor, social worker



Journalist, reporter, news anchor

Radio host, podcaster

Motivational speaker


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