Impressions by Keremkanka

25.12.2016 - Berlin

Pho Bo at Monsieur Vuong

Everyone I know agrees that Monsieur Vuong is too touristic to be good. I heard this at least five times this year; but still I have not heard any better alternatives in Berlin. So I keep going every month.

Having a reservation is always good at Monsiur Vuong otherwise be ready to sit on the tiny bar chairs.
Pho Bo is definetly is not a handsome dish but incredibly delicious. There is something like a star shaped shell in it. Please tell me if you know what it is.

"Pho, considered to be Vietnam’s national dish, is beloved throughout the country and the world. In its simplest form, it consists of a fragrant broth poured over a bed of fresh rice noodles topped with a handful of green onion, herbs and succulent sliced meat."

24.12.2016 - Berlin

Another film which is telling little but you have to understand so many things. Major depression, paternal postnatal depression, teen depression... They all together are louder than bombs.

Isabelle Huppert plays a famed war photographer. She is the best thing about the film.
Does Eisenberg need to play the genius all the time? the still is taken from the very first minutes of the film and most probably it is the best acting moment in his life.
Isabelle (Huppert) : After this, I'll slow down, I promise.
Conrad (Druid): You know, if I had a girl, I'd never lie to her. Jonah (Eisenberg): Yeah? Good luck with that.


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