360 Video Tutorial By: Lauren Jardiolin

Open the AVP file on your computer

Move the thick blue, red, and other blue line to where you see no people in any of the pictures on the screen (Moving these lines will trim your video so it's not too long and will cut out the people setting up the tripod)

Click "edit" and wait for a window to pop up

Double click picture that pops up on your screen

(Screen provided in image)

Click quick optimizer

Click the "optimize" to panorama button number on the left should drop

Go to move image mode

Move picture to make sure the image is straight

Click the "virtical tool line"

Straightened at least 5 points in the picture that should be straight

Press the check mark when the picture look straight (if your image doesn't become straight, you can press "command Z" to erase the changes)

Click "edit color anchor" and click "auto"

Click "check mark" then go to the exposure on the bottom left

You can adjust the "compensation bar" to make the brightness stable

Click the "check mark" again

Click "levels" and then click auto

Click "check mark"

Go into fusion

Blending: multiband Cutting: click whichever is best for the picture

weighting: diamond

Click check mark

Render out your video: Width is 4096 height should adjust to 2048 DPI 300.00

Be sure to save your project in AVP

Please do the following that is circled and render out

Go into Photoshop (PS)

Click file, open, click JPG from AVP, open

Click on clone stamp icon to cover the tripod

If the clone stamp is not working well to cover the tripod, the bandaid icon is preferable though clone stamp works better on most pictures to cover the tripod

Once you've finished covering up the tripod and the picture looks accurate, make sure you hit: FILE, SAVE, OK

Go into After Effects (AE)

Drag in JPEG, MP4, and Mip Pacific logo on the top left box

After drag in MP4 to the bottom left box Then drag the JPG on the bottom

Press the pen tool

Be sure you're on the MP4 while using the pen tool

Outline where the tripod is covering make sure you go out of the picture

Drag mid pacific logo in the top of MP4 on the bottom box

Press on the following arrows on the MP4

Mask, and feather

feather: MP4

Drag to where the picture looks good

Make the mid pacific logo

Make sure the sides are at least 1 inch over the picture (bottom side)

Don't cross over the edges too much, try fill it in as close as possible

You may zoom in to see it a little more easier

File export and to render queue

Press "ok"

Far right press render

The video will render

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