Tom Paxton Lyndon johnson told the nation

Jaewon Kim

Tom Paxton was an American folk singer-songwriter and veteran that was popular in the 1940-1990s. He was known for his politically driven songs such as "The Marvelous Toy", and "Ramblin' Boy". After being discharged from the army, Paxton wrote a song dedicated to the situation in Vietnam, titled "Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation". Released within an album called "Ain't That News" in 1965, the song speaks about The Vietnam War, the drafting process, and the public's increasing suspicion of higher authority.

Though it isn't really war, We're sending fifty thousand more.

This song reflected the time period of the Vietnam War, from 1955-1975. When the song was released, Lyndon B Johnson had announced that the war is reaching a conclusion, and that troops would be sent back home very soon. The problem was however, was that the war was in fact escalating, and more troops were being sent to Vietnam as the song gained popularity.

Lyndon Johnson told the nation

Have no fear of escalation - These two lines shows that Lyndon B. Johnson was trying to appease to the public by lying to them, saying that the war is ending soon.

I am trying everyone to please - This line shows that he was deceiving the media to gain support from the people.

Though it isn't really war - Tom Paxton added in this lyric to show how the war effort was not necessary.

We're sending fifty thousand more

To help save Vietnam from the Vietnamese - These two lines were trying to relay a message that deploying troops to Vietnam was a wasted effort, and that the reason for it was foolish.

Using powerful contrasts consistently throughout the song, Paxton delivers a message saying that the president was being deceptive, and that the deployment of troops were unnecessary.

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