Western-Pacific Region Congressional Interest Newsletter - FY2017 - Spring

Message from Regional Administrator Dennis Roberts

The week of December 5, 2016 marked the official kickoff week of community involvement and outreach activities for the Las Vegas (LAS) Metroplex Design and Implementation Phase. Following these initial events, I joined the Western-Pacific Region as Regional Administrator. Having overseen a number of other Metroplex efforts in my previous capacity as Regional Administrator in the Southern Region, I am fully committed to the LAS Metroplex effort, and the importance of community outreach activities.

The outreach efforts began with a briefing by Deputy Regional Administrator Tamara A. Swann before the Clark County Board of Commissioners (CCBC). This was an open meeting where members of the community were welcome to attend. Ms. Swann led the FAA team and was accompanied by technical experts who were on hand to answer questions about the project. The briefing was video recorded for members of the community who were unable to attend and was made available through the CCBC local channel.

The following day we held a Congressional Outreach event for Las Vegas area congressional representatives. The purpose of the event was to provide them with more detailed information about the Metroplex project, not included in the earlier briefing. It also gave attendees an opportunity to ask more specific questions, share concerns and learn about the Metroplex process in general.

The week’s activities culminated with a briefing to the Las Vegas Users Council which is comprised of the airlines, major airport tenants, airport management officials and local FAA managers from the various lines of business. When asked what she was most proud of this week, Ms. Swann indicated it was the opportunity to ensure the success of LAS Metroplex by building bridges among the stakeholders, select officials and the community.

While there is still much work to be done, the week proved to be a successful one for the team. We are planning additional outreach events and the team is preparing for community workshops in April!

Please contact Larri Frelow at 310-725-3804 for more information about future meetings.

Upcoming Events

FAA/National Association of State Aviation Officials quarterly meeting with State Aviation Directors in the Western Service Area - May 3, 2017

Data Comm @ NY/NJ Airports

Data Comm, the NextGen technology that enhances safety and reduces delays by dramatically improving the way air traffic controllers and pilots talk to each other, is up and running at five airports in the New York metropolitan area: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboro and Westchester. These airports were among the first to receive the critical system upgrade.

The Future of Flight Service

New national flight service functions will leverage automation to save time and enhance safety.

FAA Forecasts Continued Growth in Air Travel

The FAA released its annual Aerospace Forecast Report Fiscal Years 2017 to 2037, which projects sustained and continued growth in nearly every aspect of air transportation.

The FAA Aerospace Forecast 2017-37 is developed to support budget and planning needs of the FAA. The forecasts are developed using statistical models to explain and incorporate emerging trends of the different segments of the aviation industry. This year's document contains updated forecasts for US airline traffic and capacity, FAA workload, General Aviation activity and pilots, as well as Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) fleet and remote pilots.

NextGen Arrives for UPS

UPS pilot Capt. Gregg Kastman describes the benefits his company is experiencing as a result of NextGen.

ADS-B 101

With the approaching January 1, 2020 deadline to equip with ADS-B Out, pilots and owners are looking for more information. Learn more about what it is, and how it will benefit the general aviation community.

True Stories of Air Traffic Control

Listen to a pilot’s grateful words after a recent close call in Fort Worth Center airspace.

U.S. Helicopter Accidents Decrease

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FAA Issues General Aviation Medical Rule

The FAA has issued a final rule that allows general aviation pilots to fly without holding an FAA medical certificate as long as they meet certain requirements outlined in Congressional legislation. Beginning May 1, pilots may take advantage of the regulatory relief in the BasicMed rule or opt to continue to use their FAA medical certificate.

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