Tattoos on the Heart Emily carroll

Introduction and Preface

In the Introduction Fr. Grey Boyle talks about his life before Homeboy Industries. He also recalled when they first started it and the people he met. He seemed excited to star this program that would really help the young men and women become better people. He talks of the success stories of those who have really come a long way. Homeboy Industries has been helping means get back on the right track.

Chapter 6


The theme of this chapter is jurisdiction, it has showed me that our persistent judgements can go away if we make an effort to include people. We make snap decisions of people based on what other people tell us, but we need to find out on our own. My favorite story was when G took Chepe and Richie to a fancy restaurant. They liked the waitress because she made them feel like they were somebody. We need more people like this in our lives, that make us feel safe and loved.

Chapter 7


The theme of this chapter is gladness, and this means to me that we all find joy in something nor matter how big or small. We sometimes don't realize how amazing things are around us, but when we do we find so much joy. My favorite story was when some of the gang members saw this owl. They found gladness in this small part of what God has given us. God gives us these certain signs that help us realize how beautiful this Earth is.

Chapter 8


The theme of this chapter is success, and this means to me that anything is possible if we set our minds to it. We can be truly successful when we try out hardest and realize that the rough patch is temporary. The hardest story for me was when Scrappy was gunned down rolling a paintbrush over some graffiti. He had gotten so much better after he regretted the reputation he had made. His struggle to find out his place in the world and how he found it was truly his success story.

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