WHAT IS MATTER? BY j.c. Griffin

The Definition

This picture shows the phases of matter except the 4th phase called plasma

Matter is physical substance which basically all it does is take up space. It surrounds us and binds us. It can be a solid liquid or a gas. People also know it as the "stuff of the universe".

Pure substance

A pure substance is a substance made up of one type of matter or molecule, The measure to see if a substance is pure is called purity. Pure substances can be seperated into two groups: elements or compounds

This is gold which is a pure substance, which is also an element


These tanks contain oxygen which is a gaseous element

one of more than one hundred pure substances which cannot be chemically broken down, each has its own special number (its atomic number) which is the number of protons in all of its atoms nucleus.

this is a small segment of the periodic table of elements, The video below will show you how to understand the periodic table.


A compound is a thing composed of two or more different elements. It can be similar to a mixture. Which also means it contains two or more seperate atoms.

this is an example of water, which is a compound made up of 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.


A mixture is made or two or more substances mixed together. There are two different types of mixtures, called homogeneous and heterogeneous.

Paint is a really good example of a mixture, it has many substances mixed together, which forms something new.


A homogeneous mixture is a solid, liquid or gaseous mixture that has the same amount of its components throughout a given sample. A homogeneous mixture can also be called a solution.

All of these products are examples of homogeneous mixtures. And solutions

Heterogeneous mixtures

Heterogeneous mixtures are made of different substances that stay physically seperate. These mixtures always have more than one phase

This trail mix and these pebbles are great examples of heterogeneous mixtures.


A colloid is a heterogenous substance made up of large or ultramicroscopic particles of one substance dispersed trough another substance, a great example of a colloid is gelatin. The video below will explain more to you


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