magnitogorsk by Paul Boutros, Clint Harris, and Nickolas Garza,

In this picture it shows that a lot of people are lining up to get a job. It also shows that a lot of people were unemployed at the time.
Life in Magnitogorsk was not the cleanest by any means. There were factories everywhere and nonstop smoke so people would barely be able to breathe.
Working conditions terrible, lights would go out and never be replaced so workers had to try to work in the dark. Many workers would get hurt, many fell off ladders because they were broken and it was dark.
The Soviet Union had a huge influence on Magnitogorsk, the union is the whole reason Magnitogorsk was built in the first place. Magnitogorsk made lots of steel and other products which made Russia a economic power house.
Magnitogorsk main products are steel and iron production, it is the largest production plant in the world. Just recently in 2015 Magnitogorsk made over 5 billion dollars.
Stalin was very parnoid and worried about spy's, that's why he had the secret police, after a while he got so paranoid that he made people from other countries leave. There was a man named john Scott who was from America but worked in Magnitogorsk. Stalin made him and anyone else who wasn't from Russia leave because he thought they could be spies.

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