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What am I currently working on?

Currently I’m working on the sequel to Street Wise. Street Play is Jonathon’s sister, Sheryl and Marcus’s story. It will mostly take place in New York City, but starts off in Seattle. Street Wise was very inspirational and fun. Street Play has a dark beginning but will keep you turning the pages to find out what’s happening next.

Street Play

Here is a little excerpt from Street Play!

I pushed Marcus away, then attempted to pull my dress down.

“That when given the right tools for the job, which I have of course, you could join the real world again, Sheryl. You’ve grown up quite a bit from the last time I saw you.” He turned and focused on the door to give me time to get my act together. “You don’t have to worry about her. She’s only got eyes for John. I’m sure she’s forgotten about us already. You’re right, we should have locked the door.” He turned back around.

“I intended too until I turned around and there you were. Yes, I have grown up, and I should have known better.” Why was I so …emotional?

He arched his brows at me. “Known better about what?”

“Things never change around here. You saw them all, not one of them seemed thrilled to see me except for the two little girls. At least their opinion of me hasn’t been poisoned, yet.” I brushed past him to straighten my hair and fix my makeup in the mirror.

I saw his reflection move closer behind me as he seized onto both of my hips. Then he bent and rested his chin on my shoulder; staring at my eyes mirrored in the reflection above the vanity, he said. “Sheryl, come back to my place tonight. We can finish what we got started here.” He ran his tongue below my ear, then quickly kissed my neck.

God help me, I could feel how much he wanted me. I was ready to capitulate, when the bathroom door opened again.

Mark, Julie’s editor walked in. It was almost comical, he backed out and looked at the door as if looking for the sign that said men’s room. “I’m so sorry, is there another bathroom that I can use?”

I glanced at Marcus. His expression said that he was still. “We’re finished here. Marcus was helping me with my neckless; the clasp had broken. It’s nice to see you again, Marcus.” I turned and walked past both men.

I hurried up the stairs to crash in the room that I used whenever I visited. It hadn’t been here as much as I should have been. I’d been afraid to come after my father’s accident. We’d said terrible things to each other just before I left for New York. That’s why I’d decided to stay there for good.

Opening the door to my on-suite, I rushed in and kicked my shoes off. I glanced around to see if anything had changed since the last time I had visited. My mother had decorated the entire house, and she had finished my room in a garden theme. Pale avocado walls, with a thin pinstripe in muted pink carried over to the comforter on the queen bed. There were fresh pink roses, carnations and Peruvian lilies. My favorite flower had always been lilies. I walked over to smell the bouquet.

My Newest Release

I just released Unforgettable Lexi Bella. This was written originally as a tribute to my grandmother but became a story that I dedicated to my sister in law who is fighting breast cancer. I became very emotional while working on this story and ended it with a sequel in mind. This is the story of a girl who starts to hear her grandmothers voice in her head. She applies for a job at a prestigious talent agent and while there, discovers the job has already been filled.

She can her grandmothers voice speaking to her, and does as she’s told. After she’s hit in the eye by an irate secretary, Lexi is rushed to the hospital and discovers she has brain cancer.

The man who she wanted to work for accompanies her there, and vows to help her through her crisis. He decides that she needs to work on a bucket list, and they start an adventure together.

Here is an excerpt from Unforgettable Lexi Bella!


I believe that I asked about her welfare, then I remembered that I’d seen her fall. She could be seriously hurt. “Miss Carney, call 911!” She was trying to say something, so I leaned in closer to listen. That was my first mistake. I could smell her perfume; it reminded me of apples. No, in reality, it smelled like my grandmother’s fresh apple pie. Apples and cinnamon, and on her it smelled like I was home.

Then I understood what she had first said. I put my arm under her neck to help her into a sitting position. That was my second mistake. I was just a breath away from her lips. I watched her eyes flutter open. They reminded me of the first time that I’d gone fishing with my grandpa. We had found a deep hole while we’d been out on his fishing boat. I saw that deep blue green as I studied her eyes. That memory made me smile.

Then I heard my fiancée’s voice, “You might hurt her. Why don’t you call an ambulance?” I remembered where I was. Then the girl I still held in my arms asked me for some help to sit up. As soon as she was upright, I pulled away from her. That was my third mistake. I felt as if I’d just lost my best friend. Who was she, and why did she make me feel this way?

“Miss Carney, must I ask again? Who is she?” The need to know who this woman is was almost physical.

“I explained to her earlier that you had already filled the position.” What do you mean? If I had known the vision sitting on the floor behind my receptionist’s desk had come looking for the job I had posted for, it would have been hers.

Was it too late? I was trying to remember the face of the person whom I had hired earlier in the day, and the only face that came to mind was the woman sitting on the floor. I still didn’t know her name.

Then I heard her ask, “Why did you punch me so hard?”


My eye was now throbbing, and I wondered how bad it looked. Did she just say that the position had already been filled? Then why didn’t she say something when I first arrived? I was afraid I was going to start crying. I needed that job. “Don’t give up yet, Lovey. Stay where you are. Remember, you must be unforgettable.’ “Stop right now!”

Then I saw them all staring down at me. They didn’t know that I’d been talking to my grandma. I felt my face flush. I had to say something… “Could someone get me some ice for my eye? The pain is unbearable.” It wasn’t that bad, but my disappointment was. Then it happened. I started to cry.

I heard the man who had been so gentle with me just moments before turn into a crazy man. He started barking orders. Yes, he sounded like he was barking. I was afraid of dogs, and I began sobbing.

“Maxi, I think you should call for that ambulance. Just to protect yourself. I don’t know what happened between these two, but you don’t want to be liable. Make the call, darling.”

I didn’t want to be hauled away in an ambulance, but I couldn’t stop myself from crying. It was perplexing, really. Why was I crying so hard? ‘Just go with it, Lovey. Do you trust me, Lexi? Just go along for the ride. You’ll see. Things will work out.’ “I can’t…I just can’t go…” I was trying to explain the reasons why in between my sobbing.

“Yes, you are going. Miss Carney, start talking. Tell me who she is, and what happened that would make you hit her? You are officially finished here. I’m not giving you two weeks. Clean out your desk.” I heard her faltering to come up with an account of why she’d hit me, and I didn’t want to be responsible for her losing her job.

“Who is Maxi?” I kept hearing that woman with the grating voice calling someone Maxi.

“I’m Maxi, actually my name is Stirling Dexter. Max is my middle name. Penny is the only one who calls me Maxi.” So, he was the person whom I was here to interview with. My head was spinning for real.

“Who is Penny?”

Unforgettable Lexi Bella is available on Amazon, smashwords, and kobo.

Previous completed books

I had a lot of fun writing both Street Wise and More Heat.

Street Wise was a story that was inspired by my mom. She was the most generous loving woman I have ever known, and she gave her last dollar to those in need. This story takes place in Seattle, and to any who have been there, it has a whole network of people living under the highways, bridges and by the waterfront. I wanted others to be aware of the homeless problem there.

Here’s a little Excerpt from Street Wise:

We followed him for a while. He led us into an area of the docks that I hadn’t been in before. It wasn’t pleasant and the smells made my stomach turn. I was glad that I hadn’t eaten after all. I reached over and grabbed some of Peter’s bags. He looked ready to lose them at any moment. “Thanks, I thought I was going to have to drop them somewhere.” In a quieter tone, he asked me, “Where do you think he’s taking us?”

“We’re going to help some people who need this more than you or I do!” We turned a corner and came across the saddest thing I had ever seen. There were many street people of all ages huddled together, spread out in a dark dirty alley that ran under the highways. “Follow me!”

I wouldn’t want to be here on my own, and I know Peter was a little apprehensive, too. He looked at me, and I shrugged my shoulders to gesture that I didn’t know what we were doing there. We both got a little closer to our large guide. He started by first going over to the families that had small children. He called them each by name and handed them all a sack. I had to turn at one point and hold my breath to stop myself from crying. It was the most dismal yet touching thing I had ever seen.

I heard Peter say quietly to me, “I wish my hands were free, I would sure like a picture of this.” Just then we heard John’s booming voice calling for us to bring the rest of the sacks to him. We hurried over to where he stood talking with an old woman without any front teeth.

“Peter, hand Maggie a sack. Here Maggie, you should be able to eat this alright. Nothing that can’t be swallowed without too much effort.” He waited for her to open her package, and then he asked if she needed help with her water. She held the bottle up to him, her hand shaking uncontrollably. He unscrewed the cap and gave it back to her. “There you go, sweetheart. I will check on you later.”

I’m brand new at this. I would love to hear back from each and every one of you as to what you’d like to see in my newsletters. I’m always offering a chance to read my stories before they come out, and I also offer give always on Amazon.

If you would like to be an ARC or Beta reader for me, please send me your information. I need your full name and your email. I also require a kindle or other e-reader address where I can send an advanced copy for review.

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I’m leaving you with a fun recipe:

  • Sex in a Pan



1 cup pecans chopped

3 Tbsp. white sugar

1/2 cup butter melted

1 cup all-purpose flour

Cream cheese layer:

8 oz. cream cheese

1 cup powdered sugar, use 1/2 cup for less sweetness

1 cup whipped cream or cool whip

Vanilla pudding

5.1 oz. package of instant vanilla pudding

3 cups milk, use 2 cups if you want a firmer pudding

Chocolate Pudding

5.1 oz. package of ]instant chocolate pudding

3 cups milk, use 2 cups if you want a firmer pudding

Last layer:

2 cups whipped cream or cool whip

shaved chocolate


Preheat oven to 350 F degrees.

Spray a 9x13 inch baking dish with cooking spray.

In a mixer mix all the crust ingredients together and press the mixture into the prepared baking dish.

Bake it for about 20 minutes.

Prepare the vanilla pudding as per the instructions on the package.

Prepare the chocolate pudding as per the instructions on the package.

In a mixer add the cream cheese, powdered sugar and the cup of whipped cream. Mix until light and fluffy.

Let the crust cool. Spread the cream cheese mixture over the crust evenly. Spread the chocolate pudding over the cream cheese, then the vanilla pudding. Top with the whipped cream and sprinkle with the chocolate or pecans!

Refrigerate for a couple hours so that it sets.

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